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Winning buy-in for field service customer engagement software

We asked Localz customers how they won buy-in from their colleagues for their customer engagement software projects. The #1 answer we received? You have to focus on the one or two benefits that matter most to them. 

A field service operator on job happy about his client satisfaction

If you’re reading this, you already know that Localz is the field service customer engagement software to make the day of service awesome.

But while most people understand customer experience should be a priority, it can be tricky to get other departments and executives on board for a new software project (no matter how easy it is to implement). 

We asked Localz customers how they won buy-in from their colleagues for their customer engagement software projects. The #1 answer we received? You have to focus on the one or two benefits that matter most to them. 

To that end, we’ve put together a handy cheat sheet of Localz benefits. Now all you have to do is identify the one or two benefits your colleagues will care about most, and focus on those when you discuss Localz internally. 


Customer satisfaction benefits

Meet customer expectations

Your customers have become used to the transparency and ease of use provided by Amazon, Uber, restaurant delivery apps, and others. They have been conditioned to expect real-time tracking and updates from service companies. Anything less is likely to negatively impact satisfaction. Customer engagement software lets you meet and exceed their expectations. 


Keep regulators happy

In regulated industries like housing, water, and energy, customer satisfaction is benchmarked and there are financial incentives to improve. Localz customer engagement software helps you improve and maintain customer satisfaction on the day of service. 


Listen to customers

Feedback is important to any customer satisfaction initiative. Real-time, appointment-based feedback powered by Localz lets you track satisfaction rates, show customers you’re listening, and follow up quickly on complaints in a timely fashion. 


Operational benefits

Increase first-time access

There’s no need to waste time and money on missed appointments. With real-time updates and two-way communication, you can ensure that customers are home and mobile operatives have all the info they need to improve first-time fix rate. 

One Localz client, United Living Property Services (ULPS), estimates that real-time customer updates have reduced their no-access appointments by 45%. 


Reduce call volume

A huge portion of the calls handled by service company call centres are related to confirming, changing, or cancelling appointments; inquiring about the location of a technician; or providing additional details about a job. 

Localz helps reduce calls in all of these categories. With timely alerts, self-service appointment portals, and two-way communication with technicians, there are fewer reasons to contact the support centre. 

When utility provider Welsh Water implemented Localz, “where’s my technician” calls for wastewater appointments decreased by 50%.




Increase efficiency

Fewer missed appointments means fewer truck rolls, and that increases efficiency. As one Localz customer noted:


“We have improved productivity, both on the road and in the call centre, and reduced associated re-work time such as additional travel and time spent contacting customers to rebook appointments."

— Jonathan Evans, Business Improvement Manager at ULPS


Similarly, streamlined route planning and increased first-time access have contributed to fuel savings at HSS Hire, helping them with a key part of their sustainability goals.


Improve technician/driver retention

In today’s labour market, employee satisfaction is incredibly important. Localz can make drivers’ and technicians’ jobs easier, helping improve satisfaction and retention. Since digitising the driver experience with Localz, HSS Hire has seen driver retention improve by 45%. 


With automated customer communications, field operatives don’t have to multitask on the job. Customer notifications can be configured to go out automatically, or by clicking one button in the Localz app. Alerts and real-time tracking also increase the odds that customers will be ready for your staff when they arrive, reducing downtime. 


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Why Localz?


Once you’ve convinced your colleagues that customer engagement software is important, they may wonder why Localz should be their first choice. 

Here are a few reasons that might resonate:

  • Localz offers real-time location tracking, not just alerts.
  • Localz emphasises the importance of the entire end-to-end service experience, not just the last mile. 
  • The Localz platform can be automated, with notifications sent based on geofences, job status, or time-based triggers. 
  • Localz is configurable, allowing you to pick and choose the features you want for your business
  • Our software fits easily into existing field service management tech stacks. Here’s a list of our partners.


If you need additional support for your pitch, consider browsing our customer success stories

And if you need help finding the most relevant information for your business, feel free to reach out.