Why Proof of Delivery Is a Game Changer In The Equipment Rental Industry

In today’s digital age, complex proof of delivery workflows are becoming a necessity for heavy equipment rental companies. Not only are you better able to prove your brand promise on the day of service, but you can confidently handle customer discrepancies with ease.

Arm your mobile workforce with customizable proof of completion workflows that:

-document equipment condition
-pinpoint delivery location
-increase asset utilization

Read on for tips to streamline the last mile.


Document Equipment Condition

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Having a clear picture of the exact condition of your equipment upon delivery to a site, and again during collection helps support your brand promise ensuring everything is to the highest standard.

Localz configurable workflows can include item checklists (complete with photos and videos), customer sign-on-glass confirmation and barcode scanning, while geo-coding and time stamping these interactions simultaneously. This gives you the confidence to iron out any customer discrepancies regarding equipment condition, delivery or collection timeframes, or total items delivered to a site.

Your team can reinforce missed collection fees, equipment damage, and any other contractual charges that are typically difficult to provide proof for. Your mobile workforce doesn’t need to add complicated new tasks to their work. They can easily take photos and attach within the Localz Field Service app at the job site.


Pinpoint Delivery Location

Your driver going to collect a piece of equipment most likely isn’t the one that made the delivery. Using Localz’ intuitive proof of delivery module, the delivery driver can snap a geo-coded and time-stamped photo that automatically syncs to your dashboard. 

Using that data, your collection driver has a clearer idea of where the kit is in a construction site making collection easier and more successful.


Increase Asset Utilization

Your drivers can easily check that they have all of the stock needed for a specified route before they leave the transport location, while your operations team has clear confirmation of stock moving in and out.

Any unused or unneeded equipment that was not confirmed as delivered to site, can be checked back into the transport location upon return.


See The Proof of Delivery and Collection Module In Action



Day of Service Solutions For Equipment Rental Companies


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We make implementation quick and easy.  Use Localz out of the box applications or integrate our location and communications SDK's into your own enterprise solution.

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