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Why Field Service Needs The Gig Economy [Video]

Watch the video to find out how the field service sector can embrace the gig economy.

The pressure on field service companies is perhaps greater than it ever has been. As we, as a society embrace an everything now culture, where on-demand is the new norm, time has become perhaps the single greatest commodity of all.

Gig workers are common across various industries and have been thriving in field service for years. But as knowledge transfers generations, how will mature workers use the gig economy to their advantage?

In the first part of our series run in partnership with Field Service News, we explore why the field service sector needs to embrace the gig economy.


The Growing Pool Of Field Service Gig Workers

Beyond the headlines of millennials on bikes, there is an increasingly mature pool of experienced gig-economy workers who are ready and able to fill in the gaps in your existing field workforce..."

Digital transformation projects enable improvements across the entire service delivery cycle. Technology allows field service organisations to streamline their processes.


Modern field service management (FSM) systems can help drive efficiencies in all aspects of field service. Still, the fact remains that field service is by its very definition an inherently people centric sector.


We have yet to be able to replace the most dexterous tool at our disposal, a pair of human hands, with industrial automation - and it is unlikely we ever will.


And so it is to the gig-economy, savvy field service companies are turning. There is an increasingly mature pool of experienced gig workers who are ready and able to fill in the gaps in your existing field workforce.


They are not a replacement for your existing team but a welcome addition. With freelancers and internal employees working side-by-side, your organisation can take advantage of what is termed the blended workforce.

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