What Your Customers Are Trying To Tell Your Mobile Workforce

“The biggest challenge for us is to ensure that the customer is there.”

- Phil Sperring, Director at Wates

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a four hour ETA service window and need to pop out for a few minutes. Unfortunately that is when your assigned technician arrives for the appointment. Once they see no one is home, they try to call and drive off.

Now you’ve missed your window and in relation to your service business, your company has lost money on a missed appointment.

What if your customer could not only track their technician in real-time on a map, but also have the option for two-way communication? Because of Uberization, your customer is already expecting this level of interaction with any company they do business with personally or professionally.

Here's a look at messages our end-customers have sent to their assigned technician. It's clear that many of these prevented failed appointments and saved operational costs:

  • "The front door key is under the mat"
  • "Please knock on door 53, I'm at neighbors house"
  • "Key is at no 9 across the road"
  • "Code for gate is #1705"
  • "Please knock then go straight in - Peggy is 99 years old expecting you, but can't get to door"
  • "I have dogs, wait for me to come to the front garden gate to let you in"
  • "Pls park behind the white car not the red one"
  • "I'm on my way but stuck in school traffic- PLEASE WAIT"
  • "Thank you. My tenant will be in as she knows you are arriving."
  • "I am 1 mile away just dropped my wife off at Docs. Will be back just as you arrive."
  • "Pls ring the bell many times as it doesn't work sometimes"

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How much money do you lose on missed appointments? Using a communications and visibility solution on the day of service increases first time access rates and elevates your customer experience.

Learn how you can deliver an Uberized experience to keep your customers calm, cool and home for their appointment.


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