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What to look for in field service mobile software

Here’s what to look for in field service mobile software to make jobs easier and more pleasant for your field service team and customers.

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We’ve previously discussed how field service software can transform the customer experience and benefit your technicians through optimised processes, increased efficiency and visibility, cost reduction, and stronger customer engagement. 

But what exactly should you look for in mobile workforce management software?

Generally, your field service software should make jobs easier, faster, and more pleasant for your field service team while also improving your customer engagement and satisfaction. It should help you strike that delicate balance between meeting the high expectations customers have for last-mile delivery communication and tracking, and protecting your technicians’ time and privacy. 

When you empower your workforce with tools that meet their needs and allow them to focus on the job at hand, it’s a win-win for everyone. You can accomplish this with field service mobile software that has intuitive design and features, automated customer communications, streamlined workflows, and module features. Localz’ Manage My Day field service technician, for one, has a host of customisable features that you can tailor to your organisation’s specific field service management needs.

Here, we’ll dig into what field service mobile software like Manage My Day should offer your team and customers.


Easy-to-view, comprehensive job details 

Effective field service mobile software puts job details in one easy-to-view space, so field service technicians know exactly where to find all the information they need. This makes their day more efficient, and leads to fewer miscommunications.

With a streamlined interface, technicians can:

  • View and complete scheduled work. Techs see all jobs for the day, which are presented in a configurable order with key information.

  • Access job details like appointment dates, locations, customer information, job specifics, and other useful details.

  • Trigger customer notifications to send accurate ETAs and a link to real-time tracking.

  • Receive turn-by-turn navigation to site addresses.

  • Complete routine vehicle inspections to ensure compliance with safety checking standards.

  • Chat with customers to receive day-of-service information like access codes or updates on the job.


Task automation

When a field service technician has to stop and manually trigger messages or mark things off for completion, it can be tedious and add friction to the workday. Ultimately, it means fewer completed jobs and more frustration for both technicians and operations. 

Field service software automates many of the tasks a technician must perform each day, creating more efficiency and productivity. This means your tech can not only service more customers and complete more jobs, but also have a more pleasant day, which trickles into the customer experience and can lead to higher rates of customer satisfaction. (After all, a service technician is like a front-line customer service representative.)

Advantages of automating tasks with mobile workforce management software also include:

  • Less multitasking on the job, which can lead to fewer errors and less need for return visits.

  • Speeding up access to a job site and reducing no-access calls. Ensure a safe working environment by providing techs with all the information needed prior to a visit and allowing customers to supply site details to the tech directly. 

  • More informed customers. Set up automations that streamline a technician’s day by triggering automatic customer ETA notifications based on job status and geofencing.


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Privacy protection

A good field service software will offer customers increased visibility and transparency while avoiding privacy concerns for technicians.

In Localz’ Manage My Day app, technicians control when their location is being shared. The On/Off Duty Toggle sends them an alert when the app starts collecting info, and toggling “off” disables location sharing from their device. This privacy means they don’t have to worry about being tracked after-hours or during breaks. 

Manage My Day also offers Number Masking, which protects both customers and field staff while still providing direct customer communication.

Additionally, field service mobile software should offer techs the option to route calls/messages to your customer call centre.


Module features 

Look for field service software that is customisable to fit the needs of your business. Module features give you flexibility to complement and enhance your existing technology. 

In addition to the features listed above, Manage My Day offers module options such as Offline Capability, Battery Optimisation, Multilingual Support, Automated Job Closure, and Accident Reporting.


Customer engagement tools

Don’t overlook customer engagement when seeking field service mobile software. 

Look for a product that offers self-service tools to give customers back control over their day. These tools may include:

  • Appointment management. Offer a field service portal to let customers manage and adjust their appointments.

  • Real-time technician tracking. Localz’ On My Way tool sends automated appointment notifications via a customer’s preferred channel, as well as provides specific technician ETAs and a link to a map that tracks their tech’s approach in real-time.

  • Two-way communication. Empower customers to directly communicate with their tech to offer relevant access and job details.


Field service software should strike a balance between making jobs easier, faster, safer, and more pleasant for your field service team, while also improving your customer engagement and satisfaction. Localz’ Manage My Day app covers all your bases with customisable features that elevate the experience for both technicians and customers.