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What to look for in a field service customer feedback management solution

Tracking customer feedback is vital to field service customer satisfaction. Here is what to look for in a field service customer feedback management solution.

A satisfied male customer giving a 5star review for feedback.

Customers almost always have something to say about their experience. In fact, 41% of consumers say they want to be able to rate the services they receive. 

However, they’re not always given the opportunity to express how things went. 

That can be a real setback for a business, especially one in the field service industry. Allowing customers to say exactly how they feel about their day of service, their overall experience, and their sentiments about your organisation is essential for improving field service customer satisfaction—not to mention, boosting your bottom line. 

Then there’s the question of how to track customer feedback. A real-time customer feedback solution like Localz’ Rate My Experience will ensure customers feel heard and that you receive feedback in a way that fits your company. Mobile workforces in housing, property management, asset rentals, and utilities can all benefit.

Let’s dig into why field service customer satisfaction is vital and what to look for in a customer feedback management tool.


Why measure field service customer satisfaction?

Measuring field service customer satisfaction offers powerful insight into what needs improvement. Your customers are a compelling resource for finding blind spots you can’t see from the back end. Their insights can help you make informed decisions, see how your team is performing and how individuals are doing, and track positive and negative feedback trends.

Listening to customers makes them feel important and involved and builds customer loyalty—which can lead to referrals. (Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.)

But listening only goes so far; you must also take action and follow up. If you solicit opinions, you have to be willing to communicate with customers. If they voice a concern and it goes unanswered, they’ll feel neglected. This can negatively impact your reputation. 

To begin measuring field service customer engagement, we recommend field service software with a customer feedback management component.





What should you look for in a field service customer feedback management solution?


A field service customer feedback management solution, like Localz’ Rate My Experience, should offer many ways to help close the loop after a service appointment. Here’s what to look for:

  • Surveys are delivered immediately and automatically. Your customer feedback management tool should allow you to automate feedback requests (like the ones used by United Living Property Services) that are delivered right after a job finishes. This benefits both the customer—who has their experience top of mind—and the service technician, who no longer has to ask in person or follow up with a phone call. Feedback collected days after an appointment is usually inaccurate and a customer is more likely to remember a negative experience.

  • Feedback is related to specific jobs and technicians. Improving customer engagement by soliciting feedback can boost your NPS and CSAT scores. But, if you don’t link the feedback to specific techs or jobs, it’s not actionable. Rate My Experience fills in the gaps by letting you configure how you measure customer satisfaction: Choose between a score out of five or 10, emojis, or stars, and adjust how you monitor customer sentiment as your needs change. Our dynamic system also allows you to configure follow-up questions based on the score a customer gives. 

  • Real-time alerts to office staff. A good customer feedback management system will immediately notify customer support of negative feedback so they can take action before anything escalates. Positive feedback, meanwhile, boosts morale and reduces need for close-the-loop calls.

  • Feedback is easy to view and sort. Rate My Experience highlights each score on your dashboard so that negative feedback is easy to see and respond to, and positive feedback can be celebrated. Feedback trends offer historical data so you can track changes over time and adjust service accordingly.


Pro Tips

To boost the ROIs of field service customer engagement, our experts offer these tips when using your field service customer feedback management solution. 

  • Keep your survey to three questions. This increases the likelihood of customers completing it.

  • Ask what went well and what could be improved. You’ll get clear, actionable insights into your day of service.

  • Train your team on how to view and filter feedback so that everyone can easily dig  into how and where to improve, and track trends over time.

Discover more tips below:



Asking customers for their real-time feedback will help improve your business’ field service customer satisfaction. Close the service loop with a customer feedback management solution like Localz’ Rate My Experience, which complements our other solutions like two-way communication and field service technician tracking.

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