What could micro-location do for music festivals?

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Music Festival apps aren't a new thing, in fact they are pretty well designed and provide a lot of great functions and updates for your music needs. Falls Music Festival is one event that is capitalising on a younger generation of tech crazy users, loving the convenience of a mobile device over the original mini paper booklet. Its convenient, easy to use, not wasteful and is full of information, but just how much of that information is really relevant to its users and what could a company like Localz do to make its content more effective and targeted?



Small wireless devices, known as beacons, have the ability to radically change the way people experience festivals. The devices emit Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals through radio waves to surrounding smartphones which triggers location-based actions. The possibilities these beacons produce are endless and they don’t use much battery life, which is always a plus when you're at a multiple day camping festival.

So lets explore what Localz could potentially do for Falls Festivals.


Festivals are large and crowded, it’s hard enough trying to find your way out of your campsite let alone find your way to the stage quick enough to see the next act. So how can we limit the time it takes to find your way out of your tent and to the main stage? By upgrading the functions of the map already available on the Falls Festival app that’s how.
At present the app has an event map for each of its three festival locations, Lorne, Marion Bay and Byron Bay. But it lacks an interactive element, a quick way to locate where you are at that moment and provide directions to the location you want to get to.

Being able to track your location with the aid of beacons would allow festival goers to instantly pin point their location and seamlessly reach their destination with simple step by step directions, meaning you would never have to miss the start of your favourie act again.


Tracking your own location isn't the only benefit a beacon enabled festival could offer. More often than not the biggest issue people have at festivals is locating their friends. Lost in a crowd, miscommunication over a meet up point, or lack of reception to make a call can be pretty distressing. Designing an opt-in opt-out group tracking feature to the app could remove all these issues and provide a handy tool for those moments you find yourself lost and alone.

With beacons you could track and be tracked by your approved friend list, which could be added through the application. Using the map you would be able to see your friends real time location, place a pin on the map to indicate a meet up point and even leave comments in the pin for your friends to see, i.e. “meet me here at 6pm, I don't want to miss Asgeir!!”. You’ll never have to loose your friends again making for a more enjoyable user friendly experience.


Safety is a major concern at festivals and with weather conditions at the various locations often unpredictable, excessive drinking the norm and with a maze of vehicles located around the site (which can turn into an obstacle course) the need for security and first aid responders is imperative. Response times can often be an issue, it can take too long for a medical professional to arrive at a scene or security to help break up a fight, but with beacons located around the festival, response times could be sped up.
Festival goers could easily tap on their Falls Festival app and select a distress icon which would allow them to choose between security or first aid, or when needed, both. This distress signal would prompt a push notification to be sent to the necessary emergency service who would be able to detect the location of the message through beacons. Allowing the closest emergency workers to respond to the crisis and provide aid.


When you're dancing your night away you ‘re going to need to replenish, enter the food stall. Varied in more ways than cuisine and beverages on offer the choices are often too much and long lines can often deter people from certain stalls. So why not create an easier option that promotes every stall equally?

Click & collect has proved quite effective in the past for Localz, using the festival app people would be able to choose their favourite food stall, view their menu, select what they want to eat or drink, pay through their device and be given a real time ETA on when their meal would be ready for pick up. Removing the need for queues and long wait times, you could make your order at your camp site and by the time you arrive to the stall it’s ready to be picked up, it couldn't be more easier than that. The feature would alert owners of returning customers, allowing them to provide promotional offers and discounts for these returning customers over the 4 day festival. The payment option could also be used at any one of the festivals main bars so that wallets won’t have to be taken out of campsites, making it safer with no risk of theft or loss and eliminate the need for drink coupons currently sold at the festivals.

The experience beacons could deliver to Falls Festival in their three locations are endless and would make for a more seamless and user focused experience.

Providing real time location tracking to create a safer, more effective and personal experience for everyone.