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7 ways to connect with customers on the day of service

Handling customer uncertainty on the day of service is stressful for all involved. Here's how customer communications can help appointments run smoothly.
Customer waiting at home for service appointment

Customer experience is now more important than ever. Measures that used to be seen as nice but unnecessary are now vital, as companies focus on reassuring customers about safety measures. 

For months, most people have been staying close to home and quickly adopting technologies that allow for contactless service. From getting groceries delivered to take-out, furniture, and constant Amazon orders, the bar is set high for transparent customer experience.

Handling delays and customer uncertainty  on the day of service is stressful for all parties involved. Especially when both b2b and b2c end-customers now look at service updates sent directly via SMS as the standard. Here are seven ways your team can stay connected with customers on the day of service, even during times of social distancing.  


1. Send proactive appointment reminders

Leading up to the day of service, offer appointment reminders and opportunities to confirm, reschedule, or cancel services. Offer instructions that the customer needs to be aware of such as making room around a leaky faucet or clearing space around a car so your customers have plenty of time to make arrangements.


Automatic notifications for field service appointments


2. Give status alerts

Send your customer alerts on the day of service indicating the status of their service appointment. Send an SMS to notify them that they have an appointment and that they will be alerted when their assigned technician is en route. The ability to check appointment status in a Customer Portal  ensures fewer calls to your call center. 


3. Offer two-way communication channels 

In fact, over-communicate. Right now, communicating with your customers and allowing them effective and easy channels to interact is critical. This is especially important when offering contactless service options. 

Your customer can offer gate codes, entry instructions, and more via SMS or through a call to their assigned operative. With effective communication, both your mobile workforce and your customers can operate safely. 


4. Enable real-time tracking

Calm customers’ anxiety with real-time ETA tracking so they know exactly when to expect a technician. Once your mobile worker drives away from their past job, smart geofencing technology automatically closes out the appointment and sends an SMS notification to the next customer.

Ensure customers are well-prepared and able to unlock a gate, move their car, or finish cooking. Deliver experiences similar to Uber and Amazon to undoubtedly elevate customer satisfaction. 



5. Serve up transparent details

Offer transparency with driver details including profile photo, vehicle license, and certifications. Customers can rest assured that the person turning up at the door is who’s expected. A centralized, web-based Customer Portal offers a self-service option for customers to inform themselves. 

Provide options for contacting customer service representatives, offer information regarding the issue for their appointment and methods for follow-up.


6. Provide proof of service

If the customer wasn’t able to be around for the appointment, offer proof of service through time-stamped and geo-tagged photos added by the mobile worker. This includes photos of a delivered package or part, or of a completed job.

Customers and operational staff alike can easily access instant proof of service through field service technician apps.


7. Deliver pulse feedback

Immediately following a service appointment, send geo-triggered feedback forms to customers to ensure their voice is heard when it matters most. Customers are more likely to share their true thoughts when you provide a quick and easy form, as opposed to sending a survey days after the appointment. 

Negative review alerts will help you action feedback quickly, so you can stay on top of service recovery and prove your brand promise.


Automated feedback for field service appointments


The bar for customer experience is higher than ever, but field service companies needn’t be left behind. With these simple measures, you can live up to customers’ expectations before, during and after the day of service. 

By focusing on communication, it’s possible to deliver a stress-free experience that leaves customers feeling safe and satisfied - even during times of high anxiety.  

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