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Utilities and Services: Customer Service is the Boardroom Topic of 2018

Now, more than ever. Customer-centric service is the main topic in the boardroom.

What was clear at last week’s Future of Utilities Summit was that customer experience expectations set by other industries are challenging energy providers to keep pace.

At least three times the Iconomy (The Individual Economy - “What I want, where I want, when I want”) was mentioned. People now expect hyper-relevant personalisation. There is the relentless demand from customers to get services as promised, where and when they want them; to be in control and see the process.


The Individual Economy is affecting Utilities

Customer centric energy providers like Northumbrian Water are using new technologies and driving innovation while strengthening their core. Whilst driving toward a digital operating model they haven’t forgotten the human. Heidi Mottram proudly talked of the whole organised mission 'make my day'.


Technology is disrupting

The technology is available now said Chris Houghton, CEO of OVO Energy, who has a radical focus to give customers guilt free energy (and plenty of it!) to power their connected lives. Partnerships and smart technology stacks are driving change.


The Big Meter Challenge

The challenge exists across the last mile in the Utilities Sector with the European Commission estimating that 200 million smart electricity meters and 45 million smart gas meters will be rolled out by 2020. The industry in the UK is seeing a turning point with 5.5million customers switching providers in 2017, which means more readings and installations of new meters. Therefore first time access rates and smart transparent customer communications will enable cost reductions and a seamless customer experience.

Customer tolerance is at an all time low and they now have so many ways to shout about poor service. The suppliers that will lead us into 2020 and beyond will be the ones that pivot their technology stack to support their field staff and deliver frictionless service.


Localz are working with British Gas, Thames Water, Autoglass and Safelite. 

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