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Utilities customers want communication their way

Uber, Deliveroo, Amazon and eBay have transformed consumer communication expectations.

Consumers are now conditioned to expect real-time, relevant information that relates to their appointment direct to their smartphone. These connected companies are setting the benchmark for field service companies to follow, no matter the industry.

For utility companies, customer experience is as important as ever. By utilising proactive communication strategies and offering transparency on the day of service, organisations can now live up to B2C standards.

Customers have booked a service, they have chosen a time, and they now expect continuous validation that the engineer will be punctual. The problem is of course that field service companies and their employees find themselves without the technology to engage today’s consumer. From a customer service leadership perspective, even companies already up and running are still without best practices around “on my way” messaging.


The solution not only needs to be able to plug in to existing systems, it has to provide the end-users, the engineer and their expecting customers, with an easy-to-use interface. The consumer’s expectation is for a real-time message which isn’t complicated, is transparent about the status of service and enables them to feel in control of their day.


In the video below you can see how Localz is helping British Gas improve the customer experience, providing clear “on my way” communication.

Localz has worked with British Gas to roll out our field service solution to their UK field service team of 7,000. The results have been remarkable.

  • 20% increase in first time access rates
  • Increased NPS
  • Reduced ‘red’ call centre volume

Hear Mike Burns, Technology Innovation Manager, at British Gas and Emma Lampert, Localz Customer Success Manager, as they discuss this last mile project in our webinar recording.


Listen to the webinar