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Stay hydrated at Twenty65 with Lessons from the Energy Sector

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The annual TWENTY65 conference is just around the corner.

Emma Lampert, Head of Customer Success at Localz will be speaking at the event about the impact of Ofwat’s new Customer Measure of Experience (C-MeX) on the water industry. The arrival of C-MeX reflects the reality of today’s empowered customer who expects a tailored and transparent service experience. Customers know what they want, where they want it and when they want it. The transparency provided by the likes of Uber, DPD, and Amazon are leading consumers to expect the same from all service providers they engage with, including water.

The energy sector is already moving towards being more customer centred and has seen significant benefits. British Gas has implemented Localz technology to provide real-time updates and transparency to customers' appointments. Emma will discuss innovations and expectations of customer experience from a multi-industry perspective, and provide in-depth insight into case studies from the energy sector. With a water meter rollout on the cards and the C-MeX coming into play, Emma will also discuss the lessons learnt in the energy sector and how this can be applied to the water industry.

About Emma

Emma is the Head of Customer Success at Localz. Emma has played an integral role at implementing Localz British Gas Solution and is leading Localz upcoming pilots with the major water suppliers.

Emma has 10 years of change and success experience for retail, logistics and field services. Currently focussed in last mile software for field service, Emma and the success team at Localz are reducing customer appointment anxiety and delivering first time happiness.

Prior to joining Localz, Emma delivered large scale people, process and software change for John Lewis & Partners.


"On My Way" in action 

In this advert Wilbur shows exactly how our last mile communication solution is keeping British Gas customers updated in real-time with "on my way" tracking.