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Top 5 Tips for Retailers to win in the IConomy

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Consumers today expect to be treated as individuals. They are all about ‘What I want, where I want, when I want’.

We all know that in this Individual Economy, the IConomy, treating consumers as individuals, like a unique snowflake pattern, is the goal. But how can retailers actually deliver that without melting down themselves?

Here are our Top 5 Tips for retailers to win in the IConomy.

1. Build Trust


Consumers today are wary of overly salesy marketing speak. Build trust with plain language and by doing what you say you are going to do. The old maxim ‘under promise and over deliver’ is good to remember. Better to promise a 2-hour service and meet it, than promise 1-hour service and break your promise. 

Broken promises break trust and trust is key to today’s consumer. In our recent research, the ICurve Report, 72% of respondents would rather be physically present or have someone else at home to oversee the delivery person when receiving a delivery.


2. Transparency


Be as transparent as you can. This also helps to build trust. It shows you have nothing to hide. At Localz one of our values is Transparency. We work to a philosophy that there needs to be a good reason not to share something. Starting from this premise, we find sharing as much as possible helps improve communication and efficiency. Think about what information you can share to be more transparent with your customers, to improve communication, efficiency and build trust.


3. Constant Verification


Keep people up-to-date. Long gone are the days when hearing nothing means everything is ok. Update customers at each step of a process, and in particular if things are delayed or running late.

A 10 minute wait time is an eternity to a customer today. If a customer has ordered online and is collecting in store, for example, let them know as soon as their order is ready to collect. Keep collection times know by keeping staff up-to-date as well, by providing customers with a way to let you know that they are on their way to collect.


4. Flexibility


People’s time is precious. In our lives today things change at a moments notice and we all need to adjust as that happens. Give customers different options for how they buy. Coming into the store can work best for some, others want to order online and swing by for a fast collection and others want things delivered to them. Time is the new commodity that we are all trying to get back. Help your customers by being flexible to their needs.


5. Keep it Simple


Don’t over complicate things. Use clear simple language and provide customers with the information they want. Don’t make them jump through hoops to find what they need. For example, make it easy for customers to find collection locations. Remind them when their collection or delivery window is coming up. Prompt them when they need to take action. Make it easy for them. They'll remember you for it!


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