Tim Andrew at Meet the Makers x Retail Innovations conference

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Co-Founder of Localz Tim Andrew was invited by Publicis, the ad agency that runs the Drugstore, to present at the Meet the Makers x Retail Innovations event.

On the 23rd of September 2015, Meet the Makers x Retail Innovations brought together a small group of speakers, retailers and agency people to present new location technology and share views and use cases on how that technology is being used to help retailers build their business. According to the organisers, the focus of the event was not only on how technology innovation changes the way customers find products, but also how that changes the customer buying process.


Speakers at the Meet the Makers x Retail Innovations conference included Gideon Lask ,CEO at Buyapowa - a referral marketing service, Sofi Newsham, Marketing Manager at Givvit - a social treating platform, Giles Rhys-Jones, Director of Marketing at what3words - an innovative addressing solution, Gwyn Morley, Founder of FireHazard - an immersive games company, and Rob Basset, Advertising Sales Director UK at eBay - no introduction required!. One of the main topics discussed during the event was the pro-active use of data at scale to segment audiences to an addressable niche. Also, there were discussions around the different use cases of micro-location technology including full immersion game experiences and the ability to scale referral marketing with social media integration.

However, the topic that attracted the audience attention the most was regarding the use of location technology to deliver operational efficiencies. More specifically, Giles Rhys-Jones from what3words spoke about using new addressing technology to reach the 4 billion people who don’t live somewhere with a standard addressing protocol. The startup company uses location technology by identifying a 3mx3m square and naming it with a combination of 3 words. By doing that, what3words creates a more accurate way to find people around the world compared to the postal address system. Thus, the company provides better customer experience, delivers business efficiencies, drives growth and helps the social and economic development of countries.

Following the presentations, a key theme from the more informal conversations highlighted that major retailers are actively seeking to rapidly implement location technology in order to improve their operational efficiency. Also, people agreed that location technology would enhance customer experience, which at the present competitive environment is what everyone within the retail industry is aiming for.

Tim Andrew, Co-founder and Commercial Director of Localz, showed a video that demonstrated how Localz’s micro-location technology can ease the buying process for retailers and customers. Localz received positive comments about the presentation regarding how retailers can use location technology in the real world. Both the video and the presentation raised some interesting questions about what our business is planning to do moving forward and why. The presence of Localz at the conference lead to great conversations with the other speakers, retailers and agency people and discussions about forming new partnerships.

If you’d like to gain further insight into how the latest innovations in micro-location technology can help your retail business, please get in touch with our team.

A summary of the what the speakers' companies do and highlights from the conference can be found on the video from Drugstore London here: https://vimeo.com/140769982