The Vulnerability Challenge

Over the last 20 years technology has revolutionised every aspect of our lives. The ways we socialise, shop, learn and are entertained is unrecognisable. Even younger adults have experienced huge changes, despite growing up in a world of devices and ‘always on’ technology. Many consumer-focused technologies have aimed to make our lives easier and to make products and services more accessible, but when the new technology outstrips the popularity of the old - as with online shopping putting huge pressure on the high street - there are always people who get left behind.


There are many challenges faced by people that may mean that they are not able to take advantage of new technologies to make their lives easier. When new technology overtakes old, some could be left behind and without access to a vital product or service.

Utilities companies have known about this problem for a long time. In 2017 the UK’s Ofgem and Ofwat worked together to see if data could help them identify customers living in vulnerable situations. Vulnerability comes in many forms; from people living with mobility, sight, hearing and other physical difficulties, to the elderly, to people living with learning or mental health difficulties and also those who are carers or who have very young children in their households. So can technology actually be put to use to help these people, instead of further isolating them?

Localz Sets the Standard

One area where Localz is making a difference is in addressing customer concerns on The Day of Service. When someone is due to visit your home it can cause anxiety and stress: 

Localz’s ‘On My Way’ solution can address these concerns with:

  • Information about who is coming, including a photo, vehicle registration and optional unique code for verification
  • Two way communication with the person who is coming to the property, to let them know if there are any special instructions
  • Information about the job and any requirements to prepare for the work to be done
  • Location based communications providing a map and an accurate arrival time
  • Using data to prioritise services for the most vulnerable customers
  • Requesting customer feedback to fuel continuous improvement

The RAC pledges to prioritise service to vulnerable customers and those in vulnerable situations. They use Localz to keep customers informed during their rescue, even if their engineer gets diverted to a more urgent call. 

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