The ultimate beacon-enabled dining experience

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Your favourite restaurant is serving happy hour drinks. They're giving away discounts and vouchers daily, but they have no signage and no advertisements.  In fact you don't know anything about it. So how do you get your hands on this rewarding dining experience?

Through Localz beacon technology, of course.

Let’s face it, eating out, ordering quickly and paying promptly is a necessity.  Having an app that can facilitate these needs is essential. In this hypothetical experience, Localz would develop two unique applications: one for the customer and one for the restaurant (which will integrate the POS system already in place). Beacons will be placed at the entry to the restaurant, allowing for proximity services to be enabled.


You have a craving for your favourite Thai dish again and want to make a quick booking. Localz user application can help you with that.

The app, designed for Android and iOS, would require a diner to create an account which would include their full name, email address, and contact number. Once created the user would then be able to login using their chosen username and password and simply select the restaurant they wish to dine at (if there are multiple locations). The app would then generate a list of suggested times for the individual to dine in or they can select the calendar option to quickly choose an exact date and time they wish to come in for a meal. After the booking is made, the restaurant will receive a notification that their reservation system has been updated with a new booking. The customer will then receive an SMS notification confirming the reservation.

With push notifications enabled, a simple reminder will be sent out to the user on the day of the booking asking them to confirm their reservation. At any time they may also alter the booking, changing the date or time (subject to availability), or cancelling altogether where necessary.


With beacons placed around the entry way surrounding the restaurant, owners would be able to recognise an app enabled user within close range and send push notifications (if enabled by the user) prompting them to return to the restaurant. The notifications could include discounts and incentives exclusive to that customer.

“We haven't seen you in a while, how about you use this 10% off coupon and grab a burger?” *valid for the next 2 hours.

The use of push notifications provides customers incentive to return and with an integrated loyalty-based app program they will be rewarded when they choose to do so.

“Congratulations, this is your fifth visit! Enjoy $10 off your bill.”


There is nothing more frustrating than being on time for a booking and having to drive aimlessly around to find a parking space.

Stress no more, with beacons enabled your location would be recognised when you are in proximity to the restaurant. A notification would then be sent to the restaurant based app, alerting workers to prepare your table. The user application will also receive a notification acknowledging the patron’s presence.

“We realise you're in the area and are running a little bit late.  No worries we’re keeping your table warm!”, thus alleviating stress for the customer.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, staff are able to greet the customer by name providing a seamless and personal experience.

Beacon technology will also allow for the restaurant application to recognise if a customer is nearby and early for their booking.  They can then choose to offer an earlier seating, where available, through push notifications or offer discounted drinks at the bar before they make their way to their table.


A simplified dinner out can now be experienced in the very palm of your hand, with enabled beacons at every table in a restaurant.

Once greeted by staff, you will be instructed to take a seat anywhere you like, or at a specifically reserved table for you. This is when a user designed app will be at the height of its value. Recognising your location once you are seated, staff will know exactly where to find you. You can use this simplified technology to your advantage, making orders for drinks or meals off the app or selecting for wait staff to visit your table when you are ready to be served.

Your location will be registered with the beacon assigned to your table and the user based app will work seamlessly to give you an effortless dining experience. Eliminating wait times for ordering and allowing for prompt service when needed and to your surprise, waiters will be able to find your location quickly, even if they have not personally seated you.


Satiated and ready to head home for the night? Maybe you just have somewhere else to be. Waiting to finalise the bill can often take some time, but with integrated payment features on the app, you can pay while you are still finishing your meal..

By creating a free profile within the app, a customer is able to easily register their bank details, allowing them to click on the app while at their dining table, view their bill and make a payment via eftpos or gift card when relevant.  How simple is that?

With Localz enabled beacons and apps, eating at your favourite restaurant has never been so satisfying.