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The Localz Travel Series, Part Two.

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After several hours in the sky, you have arrived at your destination and it’s time to head to your accommodation to relax and unwind. Finding your way to a hotel can be tricky at times, so we have designed a solution to help you.

Your designated app will have a map feature on it, it will allow for not only beacons to interact with it but 3G and wi-fi as well. When connected to any of these services or in close range to a beacon, users will be able to receive real time information on taxi services and airport to city buses and trains.

For those with pre arranged airport pick-up services the mobile app will send push notifications informing the user where to head to for pick-up and will alert to any unexpected changes to the booking, including heavy traffic that might be causing delays.

Accommodation time

Smart hotels are the way of the future and by directing focus and traffic to beacons, hotels will be able to generate a more focused and personalised experience for its guests.
Beacons on the property will be used to start conversations with the user, not bombard them with notifications and messages that would be of no interest to them.When first downloading the app itself, guests can select whether or not they wish to receive push notifications. If they choose not to, that doesn't mean the experience for them is over, it will just be limited to what they will receive, i.e. discounted vouchers for restaurants and reminders for happy hour drinks will not be sent as push notifications to these users.

When a user opts in for push notifications, the conversations generated will be tailored to the individual user. Users may select areas of interest when first registering, allowing the hotel to send specific messages to those who are interested in them. The messages would include events on at the hotel, spa treatments available and any discounts on offer at the hotel bar and restaurant.

Where am I? What is this?

Perhaps you see a painting you like in the hotel lobby, or a site on the hotel property that you aren't quite sure about. No need to wait in line to speak to hotel staff, your phone is the answer.
By opening the guest app a user would be able to select an explore option, this feature will employ the use of a nearby beacon that would then provide a description of the artist or area of interest for the guest.


The services provided by a concierge are a handy addition to your hotel experience. They can help book tours for you, make reservations at popular restaurants and recommend some enjoyable activities for you to part take in. But with your phone in the palm of your hand you no longer need to wait for the assistance of a concierge.

Your phone will be able to access an array of information, from suggested tour options to discounted vouchers for meals and you will be able to access transport companies which have partnerships with the specific hotel. Making it easier for you to book your airport pick up service, creating a unique but personalised concierge experience for the user.

Tour time

Just booked a tour through the concierge function on your app? That’s fantastic, lets now see what that looks like on your device.

The booking would have now been charged to your room for later payment, so will currently appear as ‘unpaid’ in the app. However all details will be available for viewing, including hotel pick-up times. The booking function will also allow users to view short videos from the tour company, showcasing the tour itself.

If you’re wondering whether or not you have time for that quick hit of caffeine before starting your tour, the experience is about to get a whole lot better. With beacons enabled in the pick-up vehicle, a guest will be able to track the location of the car when it is on route to the hotel, answering the question for them.

Once the vehicle arrives, guests will be able to show tour guide operators confirmation of booking through their app. Couldn't be an easier booking and pick-up experience.

In-room services

You may not be great at waking up early or maybe you like to dine in at night, whatever it is, we have the solution for you from the in-room services section on your app. Included in the user app is the wake up call service, allowing a user to select a designated time they wish to be woken up in the morning. Also included are dedicated room service features, for instance you may wish for your room to be cleaned, or you can even switch your room status to ‘do not disturb’, hotel staff will be able to see on their own staff app that you have changed the status and will not enter the room.

Menus for room service will also be available on the app, allowing guests to easily view what is on offer and send an order through their smartphones. Eliminating the need for menus and telephones in rooms.

The future of travel is interactive, simplistic and right in the palm of your hands. We can’t wait.

Image Source: Business Insider Australia