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The Localz Travel Series, Part One.

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Travel, who doesn't love it?

Getting lost for hours in a new city, trying to communicate in a language you don't understand, trying new cuisine. It’s an exciting experience and endless fun, but there is no denying how much you wish that the process of getting there and back, and checking into your hotel was just that bit easier than it is now.

In this two part series, Localz has explored how our location platform can be used to revolutionise the way you travel, from the moment you check in right up until the time you board your plane home, creating a seamless, personal experience for travellers.


Part one of the travel experience begins before you even arrive at the airport. If you chose to drive to the airport in your car, the barrier to the car park automatically lifts as you drive up to it as your phone is registered on entry. The app suggests the best level of the car park that will provide you quick access to a vacant spot and fastest exit to your terminal. As you get out of your car, your boarding pass appears on your lock-screen which saves you having to dig through emails looking for the correct one with the relevant itinerary.

As you enter the terminal, you receive a notification advising which baggage drop counter to approach. Your details appear on the screen next to the scales as you respond to a request to advise the number of bags you're checking in. With labels printed and attached, your baggage receipt appears on your phone, no need to hang on to small printed barcodes.

Real time updates of security lines and estimated customs completion times are available, allowing you to plan which area of the terminal to wait in, giving you an accurate timeframe for saying those final farewells.

If you have access to an airline lounge, there's no need to pull out frequent flyer cards, you are simply welcomed by name as you approach the front counter, the wifi is logged into automatically and you're invited to have your favourite drink delivered to your table by simply tapping the screen on your phone.

After getting a little bit too distracted by a good book on your way to the plane, you receive a reminder to make your way to the gate, along with turn by turn directions to get there, as you and your phone have been noted as being a few minutes walk away from the gate while boarding is about to close. If needed, a member of the airline personnel can quickly find you to help you get on board in time.

The boarding process is also simplified as your face flashes up to the attendants screen as you get alongside and you're simply waived through onto the plane. With luggage stowed, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

To be continued ... 


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