Teradata and Localz Announce Global Partnership

Localz is excited to announce a global partnership with Teradata. The partnership enables business to provide customers with experiences using micro-location and iBeacon, with contextual, individualised, real-time digital content, delivered directly to a customer’s mobile device.

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The combined technology enables business to create innovative digital experiences, by connecting customers’ online activities with their actions in the physical world, for a seamless experience.

“To drive growth, marketers today must find innovative ways to use both historical and real-time data to achieve value-based relationships with individual customers. Teradata with Localz, now makes it easier to increase customer engagement and loyalty with individualised, location-based digital marketing,” said Bob Fair, Co-president of Teradata.

Marketers can now deliver rich individualised content with right-time and right-place relevance, based on where customers are in the physical world. This could be enhancing a customer’s experience by providing a service alert, such as telling them they have a package to collect, or it could provide a personalised offer based on where they are and their personal historical activity.

The combined solution is achieved through integration of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud with Localz’ Spotz micro-location technology platform, which interacts with Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM) and Teradata Digital Marketing Center (DMC). Marketers can generate individualized, location-based messages that draw on rich historical and real-time customer interaction data as part of an integrated, omni-channel program.


IMG_0045 Teradata and Localz at DMEXCO 2015 on 16th 17th September in Cologne, Germany.


“Partnering with Teradata and Localz is a great way for businesses to incorporate the latest micro-location technology into their existing digital marketing environments to create truly relevant individualised communication, and sustainable marketing programs,” said Tim Andrew, Commercial Director and Co-founder, Localz. “We’re extremely excited to be bringing this new dimension to the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.”

Localz is looking forward to working with Teradata in this expansion of their partnership.


Press Release: Teradata and Localz Announce Global Partnership for Location-Based Individualized Marketing 

Posted by Nimmity Zappert - VP of APAC

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