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5 Ways Utility Companies Use Localz To Elevate Customer Experience

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Today’s digitally connected consumer has come to expect transparency, visibility and control over their schedule. ...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Rising to the B2C Challenge

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Today’s individual economy drives customer expectations for higher levels of engagement, communication and transparency...

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Utilities customers want communication their way | Localz

By Localz

Uber, deliveroo and eBay have transformed consumer communication expectations. Consumers are conditioned to expect...

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The “intrusive” smart meter: be careful not to add insult to injury

There are growing concerns over the smart meter rollout in the UK. With mixed messages and false advertising consumers...

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All Change! Utility Companies are being Forced to Mobilise

The Iconomy is affecting Utility customers' expectations

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Utilities and Services: Customer Service is the Boardroom Topic of 2018

What was clear at last week’s Future of Utilities Summit was that customer experience expectations set by other...

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