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Water 2020: “Uberizing” the Water Sector

7 minutes read

In many ways, the third decade of the twenty-first century is shaping up to be the age of the consumer – and industries are already adapting to that shift today. We are in the fourth industrial revolution the IConomy, everything is digital, on-demand and putting consumers in control. 

Today’s consumers are becoming accustomed to the customer experiences delivered by the likes of Deliveroo, Amazon Prime and Uber. As we see an industry-wide move towards service-centric revenue strategies,...

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5 Ways utility companies use Localz to elevate customer experience

4 minutes read

Today’s digitally connected consumer has come to expect transparency, visibility and control over their schedule. “Uberization” has drifted into the service industry where long ETA windows are no longer acceptable.

Localz Field Service solutions are designed to augment and orchestrate customer experiences on the day of service. Our technology ensures customers have better visibility of their service appointment and when they can expect the arrival of their technician. Localz Field Service...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Rising to the B2C Challenge

1 minute read

Today’s individual economy drives customer expectations for higher levels of engagement, communication and transparency during field service appointments.

An "uberized" experience keeps the customer informed of their appointment details with real-time location tracking and ETA countdown, improving first time fix rates.

How are B2C expectations melding into the B2B landscape?

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Utilities customers want communication their way | Localz

2 minutes read

Uber, deliveroo, Amazon and eBay have transformed consumer communication expectations. Consumers are now conditioned to expect real-time, relevant information that relates to their appointment direct to their smartphone. These connected companies are setting the benchmark for field service companies to follow, no matter the industry.

For utility companies, customer experience is as important as ever. By utilising proactive communication strategies and offering transparency on the day of...

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The “intrusive” smart meter: be careful not to add insult to injury

5 minutes read

There are growing concerns over the smart meter rollout in the UK. With mixed messages and false advertising consumers are finding the process painful and intrusive. Consumers have been wrongly informed over the cost of the devices and suppliers have been forceful in the approach to installation. Consumers are crying out for change.

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All Change! Utility Companies are being Forced to Mobilise

4 minutes read

The Iconomy is affecting Utility customers' expectations

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