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The “intrusive” smart meter: be careful not to add insult to injury

There are growing concerns over the smart meter rollout in the UK. With mixed messages and false advertising consumers are finding the process painful and intrusive. Consumers have been wrongly...

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Utilities customers want communication their way

Uber, deliveroo and eBay have transformed consumer communication expectations. Consumers are conditioned to expect real-time, relevant information that relates to their appointment direct to their...

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Guest Blog from RedEye: 4 Key Steps to Guide your Customer Through an Omni-Channel Journey

App…email…in-store…wait, where is my customer going now?

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Guest blog from Thunderhead:Did Your Mobile-First Strategy Get Stuck in a Mobile-Online Rut?

Imagine how difficult a journey would be if you could only use one means of transport. You can either walk, ride a bike, ride a horse, catch a plane, get the bus, the tube, drive, or get the train....

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Guest Blog from Bit10:The New Location-Based User Experience

 This guest blog post was written by Mick McLaughlin, Head of Digital Marketing at Bit10.

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Localz partners with Bit10

This week, Localz is adding a new partner to the list: Bit10. We are looking forward to working with the digital agency to explore how our micro-location technology and their digital expertise can...