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Find the Perfect Match

What if there is a simple way to receive pairing recommendations on your device whilst walking between aisles in a...

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Whitepaper: 7 Digital Trends for Mobile

With 76% of adults in the UK owning a smartphone, marketers are presented with the great opportunity to connect...

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Easter Egg Hunt of the Future

Easter is just a few days away and all the shops are stocked with thousands of chocolate eggs. Children around the...

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Localz Last Mile Improves Delivery

Ordering items online and getting them delivered at home is a popular choice for many shoppers. Having the convenience...

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Assistive Beacons for the Vision Impaired

Smartphones and tablets have been paramount in providing accessibility features for its users. From dictation for the...

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Magic in a Wristband

Disney is arguably the birthplace of animated genius, creation and vision. Its uniqueness and concern with greatness...

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Pharmacy Deployment Of IBeacons

Just as medication has evolved and developed over time, as has our use of technology. We are now visiting pharmacies...

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Never Miss A Delivery Again

Online shopping has been the greatest addition to my life since discovering Pokemon in Primary School.

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Beacons in Hospitals

Beacons are becoming more common place in public spaces like shopping centres and entertainment venues, but their...

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Cinema of the Future

In one of our last blog posts we explored some of the places people could benefit from a deployment of beacons. We...

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A unique Supermarket Checkout Experience

Wallet, keys, phones, coupon codes, what else do you need to head down to the local supermarket? Sometimes it can feel...

Tags: Beacon- frictionless payment- Payments- Retail- Use Cases

A useful world of Beacons

A few places we want beacons to be up and running worldwide to ensure a more seamless experience for our day to day...

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The Modern Era Resort

Transform imagination into innovation. Localz Director of Business Devlopment, Chris DeRuiter, explores the potential...

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Beacons at RMIT

A university campus can sometimes feel like a never ending maze. More often than not it's quite large, spread out over...

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Localz home of the future

We have all dreamed of the day our home becomes that little bit smarter. Maybe not quite Jetson level with our very own...

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Using beacons to touch in and out of the London Tube

Touching in and touching out everyday can be annoying, especially when you’re prone to loosing your Oyster card to the...

Tags: Beacon- London- Transport- Travel- Use Cases

Never lose your dog again with beacon enabled collars

Coming home from work one day to find your four legged friend missing is an extremely stressful scenario. You're unsure...

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The Localz Travel Series, Part Two.


Tags: Beacon- Hotel- micro-location- Travel- Use Cases

Conference engagement with beacons

Conferences can be informative, busy and fun all at the same time, but often they can be quite challenging.

Tags: Beacon- Conference- Events- Use Cases- User engagement

Beacons for our roads, easing congestion

Their isn't much information we cant access thanks to internet nor any area of interest we wont find ample resources...

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The Localz Travel Series, Part One.


Tags: Beacon- Events- micro-location- Travel- Use Cases

Bringing The Melbourne Immigration Museum to life with beacons

At Localz, we like to imagine the different experiences we could create by working with companies and organisations...

Tags: Beacon- Entertainment- Melbourne- micro-location- Use Cases

Localz Beacon Technology at the Melbourne International Film Festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival is coming to town and Localz has thought about how proximity services and...

Tags: Beacon- Events- Melbourne- Use Cases

Localz Beacon Treasure Hunt at KPMG Hacknet Berlin

On Wednesday, the Localz EU team travelled to Berlin, where we ran a beacon treasure hunt for KPMG Hacknet. Only days...

Tags: Beacon- Events- Hacknet- Partners- Privacy & Security- Use Cases

Hunt for that perfect pair of jeans with beacons

Imagine seeing the perfect jeans online, but you're sceptical, you've been fooled many times before believing that they...

Tags: Retail- Use Cases

The ultimate beacon-enabled dining experience

Your favourite restaurant is serving happy hour drinks. They're giving away discounts and vouchers daily, but they have...

Tags: Beacon- Entertainment- Hospitality- micro-location- Use Cases

What could micro-location do for music festivals?

Music Festival apps aren't a new thing, in fact they are pretty well designed and provide a lot of great functions and...

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Canvas and Clicks - Ideas for a Connected Cirque du Soleil Experience

Photo: David Cantu https://www.flickr.com/photos/1wideopensky/8580324483/

Tags: Beacon- Cirque du Soleil- Entertainment- micro-location- Proximity- Use Cases

What the Physical Web Means to Beacons and the Enterprise

Imagine walking up to a rental car and driving away in mere seconds--no time-consuming front counter interaction...

Tags: Beacon- Micro-Location- Use Cases

Queues? In the future we don't need queues...

Photograph: Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images

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Localz wins National Australia Bank iDay Hackathon

Image: The Localz Team picking up the winners prize.

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