Localz Blog: Product Update

Product Update: Localz Click & Collect

4 minutes read

Localz is constantly working to improve Localz Click & Collect solution. This latest update gives users the ability to completely configure the Localz Click & Collect application directly from the Localz web console. You can now design push notifications for order collection, more easily add in customised webhooks for order completion and access the expanded options for identifying and authenticating customers.

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Product Update: Localz Spotz has new visual indicator for developers

2 minutes read

We have done this to make the Localz Spotz platform a safer place and reduce the risk of unwanted changes to Organisations and Applications in the Production environment. Just one of the ways we’re trying make life easier and safer for our customers and partners.

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Product Update: New Spotz Menu Structure

3 minutes read

At Localz we’re continuously looking to make our Localz Spotz platform easier to setup and manage - so we went back to basics and have spent some time re-designing the structure and layout of our menu.

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