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Localz Blog: Last Mile

5 reasons customers love real-time service delivery tracking

Over the last few years, customer expectations for service delivery have significantly shifted....

5 last-mile delivery strategies for equipment hire services

The last mile is one of the most important areas of focus for equipment and tool hire businesses....

Utility sustainability: how to lower your last-mile carbon footprint

Sustainability is a key consideration for consumers, and the utilities industry is taking notice.

The future of the digital-first experiences

The pandemic has changed the way the world works in many ways, not least how we use technology.

8 strategies for perfecting the last-mile delivery customer experience

Life is busy enough — don’t make your customers wait around for deliveries.

How to use customer self-service portals to increase satisfaction

A field service portal can boost both the customer experience and customer satisfaction. Here’s how...

For last-mile customer experience, communication is key

Shifting consumer expectations are reshaping last-mile delivery across industries.

The pandemic...

The Emotional Irrational and Uneconomic Consumer

One of the highlights for Localz this year was to host our Leaders Lunch held at the Fox Classic...