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Location Technology Changing the World of Mobile Gambling

Since the launch of the first online gambling offering in 1995, online gambling has grown into a well-established...

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Magic in a Wristband

Disney is arguably the birthplace of animated genius, creation and vision. Its uniqueness and concern with greatness...

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Cinema of the Future

In one of our last blog posts we explored some of the places people could benefit from a deployment of beacons. We...

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A useful world of Beacons

A few places we want beacons to be up and running worldwide to ensure a more seamless experience for our day to day...

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The Modern Era Resort

Transform imagination into innovation. Localz Director of Business Devlopment, Chris DeRuiter, explores the potential...

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Bringing The Melbourne Immigration Museum to life with beacons

At Localz, we like to imagine the different experiences we could create by working with companies and organisations...

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The ultimate beacon-enabled dining experience

Your favourite restaurant is serving happy hour drinks. They're giving away discounts and vouchers daily, but they have...

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What could micro-location do for music festivals?

Music Festival apps aren't a new thing, in fact they are pretty well designed and provide a lot of great functions and...

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Canvas and Clicks - Ideas for a Connected Cirque du Soleil Experience

Photo: David Cantu https://www.flickr.com/photos/1wideopensky/8580324483/

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