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5 Ways Utility Companies Use Localz To Elevate Customer Experience

By Localz

Today’s digitally connected consumer has come to expect transparency, visibility and control over their schedule. ...

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Building a Culture of Agility to Exceed the Pace of Change

We have never lived in a more connected world. Everyone and everything is ‘on’ at all times and the pace of development...

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Insights From Field Service Europe 2019

Field service organizations are diving deep into their operations to attract the right people and transform services. ...

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What Your Customers Are Trying To Tell Your Mobile Workforce

By Localz

“The biggest challenge for us is to ensure that the customer is there.”

- Phil Sperring, Director at Wates

We’ve all...

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5 Ways To Ensure A Frictionless Customer Experience

By Localz

Thanks to Uber and Amazon, B2C customer expectations are melding into the B2B world and beyond. This puts the pressure...

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Market Stats in Field Services

By Localz

Today’s individual economy drives customer expectations for higher levels of engagement, communication, and...

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Driving Efficiencies in Housing

By Localz
It’s a common perception that the Housing sector has fallen behind with technology. However, it’s becoming absolutely...

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Introducing IConomy Fulfilment

By Thomas

A few months back, Localz was struggling to define the category we are growing into dominating. It’s part supply chain,...

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Localz Survey Results: 80% of Smartphone Users Enable Location Services

Our most frequently asked question: "How many people have Location Services and Bluetooth activated on their...

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Are Retailers Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday. One of the biggest shopping days of the year, where retailers sell products at the lowest prices...

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