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On-demand and in Control: The Emotional Irrational and Uneconomic Consumer

One of the highlights for Localz this year was to host our Leaders Lunch held at the Fox Classic Car Museum. We were delighted to be joined by leaders from Telstra, GS1, NBN Co, Zebra...

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Anxiously Waiting - Delivering stress free services to today's consumers

Research by Localz and YouGov revealed a shocking 71% of respondents felt physical and emotional disturbance around scheduled appointments. What is the emotional impact of delivery appointments...

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As Australia’s Parcels Hit Double Digit Growth, the Focus is on Your Delivery Process!

We know parcel shipping volumes have been on the up, but what’s surprising is the scale of the surge. 

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Delivery is the Critical Link in Customer Experience

We talk about the Individual Economy #Iconomy - the fact that today’s shoppers demand their orders, when and where they want them. They want transparency, a personalised and connected customer...

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Delivering to the Irrational, Emotional and Uneconomic Consumer

The majority of established enterprise businesses involved in the delivery of products or services to end consumers are rational, logical and economic.

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Localz Partners with Stratacache

Localz is very excited to announce our new partnership with Stratacache, digital signage experts. Together Localz and Stratacache will deliver high-impact, responsive digital merchandising...

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Blurring the Lines Between Online and Offline

Modern shoppers don’t shop online or offline – they just shop. If a customer is browsing online and receives a great personalised online experience, they expect that to translate into their...

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Localz & Teradata Killer Retail Experience: Part Two

What makes a killer retail experience? Retailers need to think about delivering a unique experience, which is relevant to the customer and to their brand. In order to do so, retailers should...

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Guest Blog from Dusk Mobile: Improving Staff Efficiency with Mobile Technology

Dusk Mobile works with large enterprises to solve efficiency challenges through introducing innovative mobile technologies. These range from apps to beacons, telematics to mobile device management...

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Localz Partners with Red Eye

Localz is delighted to announce a new partnership with RedEye, the UK customer relationship marketing expert. The core of RedEye’s business is to provide the necessary tools for digital marketers and...

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Are Retailers Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday. One of the biggest shopping days of the year, where retailers sell products at the lowest prices possible. The phenomenon started in the USA, but recently more and more retailers around...

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Balancing Privacy with Customer Service

Retailers need as much information as possible about their customers in order to provide the best customer experience. They ask many questions about who their customers are, where they are from and...