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Rampant Uberification/ Uberization of Services

By Louise Robertson, Global Head of Marketing 

Uber has not only entered the dictionary, it has turned the service world on its head setting a whole new standard for day of service communications.

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Collection vs Delivery

By Nimmity Zappert, Localz VP for APAC  

Collection and pick-up services are now a mandatory part of the mix for retailers. With fast delivery being the big conversation for the past few years,...

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Customer Centricity: Lessons from the Energy Sector

The utilities industry is currently in a transitional period, moving from a commodities business model to a service model.

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How will the water sector be impacted by C-MeX?

by Emma Lampert, Head of Customer Success at Localz

The water sector may have had a monopoly but the demand has come to improve customer experience.The arrival of Customer Measure of Experience...

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Stay hydrated at Twenty65 with Lessons from the Energy Sector


The annual TWENTY65 conference is just around the corner.

Emma Lampert, Head of Customer Success at Localz will be speaking at the event about the impact of Ofwat’s new Customer Measure of...

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Trying to meet customer expectations? Give up….

By Tim Andrew, Localz CEO 

Over the past four weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the field service and logistics industry thought leaders across three continents....