Localz Blog: customer expectations

Housing repairs - keeping up with the Joneses (or Amazon, Uber, DPD…)

6 minutes read

In the last year I’ve increasingly heard housing associations and repairs contractors recognising that customer expectations have shifted, and that they need to change to keep up. 

Some providers have an explicitly stated goal to “provide an experience like DPD or Uber” when carrying out services. By extension, this requirement is making its way into repair and maintenance contracts.

The global pandemic has accelerated these changes, as tenants require increased reassurance and communication...

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Redesigning products for a better customer experience

5 minutes read

Localz aims to make the day of service awesome. The customer web portal is the main point of interaction between your business and your customers. When an expectant customer receives an SMS stating their technician or delivery is on the way, a quick tap on a link displays real-time information making it easier for customers to view the arrival of their service person and feel in control.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Rising to the B2C Challenge

1 minute read

Today’s individual economy drives customer expectations for higher levels of engagement, communication and transparency during field service appointments.

An "uberized" experience keeps the customer informed of their appointment details with real-time location tracking and ETA countdown, improving first time fix rates.

How are B2C expectations melding into the B2B landscape?

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3 Takeaways From Field Service Connect 2019

4 minutes read

Field Service Connect 2019’s top theme was today’s customer who expects connected and sophisticated service. Companies are experiencing similar problems in adapting to changing consumer demands.

Last week, leaders from across the country met to discuss the future of the industry. 

The three major takeaways are:


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Era of the who?

3 minutes read

What is happening to the ‘era of the customer’? 

Right now, I feel a little peeved off. 

It’s meant to be the era of the customer, where numerous conferences in the retail, utilities, field services , that I’ve attended, have all pushed the agenda of Customer Experience (CX) being key. 

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Global Climate Strike

3 minutes read

How can going on strike align with your corporate values?

While we strive to live to our values every day at Localz, it’s not often that living up to them means that your business goes on strike and with the full support of the CEO!

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