Localz Blog: Collection

Convenient click and collect no longer “nice to have” for retailers

11 minutes read

COVID-19 has changed normal ways of living, and social distancing measures have increased the demand for contactless click and collect services. 

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How top retailers transformed customer experience during the pandemic

2 minutes read

Customer experience has been drastically affected by the global pandemic brought on by COVID-19. For many retailers, this has introduced significant problems in providing customers with safe and satisfactory services. For brands that have already been focused on enhancing the customer journey, the last couple of months have accelerated the path to digital transformation. 

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COVID-19: Checklist for contactless click & collect

8 minutes read

Consumers are continuing to shift their shopping behaviour to Click & Collect and home delivery as they seek to comply with social distancing practices to protect themselves and the community. Localz has seen a lift in daily collection volumes of over 100% with some of our clients, particularly in the grocery sector. 

As heightened lockdown measures continue, stores that aren’t able to provide a 4-square metre social distance in each aisle for customers to pass may be forced to restrict...

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The power of mobilising the service desk

5 minutes read

As retail evolves, where does the service desk fit? Speak to anyone in retail and they will tell you it is tough out there. Big names that have been around for decades and seemed eternal are disappearing. But in this tough world, there are retailers who are not only surviving, but thriving. What are they doing differently?

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The magic of the shrinking ETA window

6 minutes read

Field service and delivery businesses have invested huge amounts of money in scheduling and predictive analysis to try and meet the demand for accurate ETAs. They are as keen as customers to reduced carding and improve first time delivery  – failed deliveries and failed jobs are expensive. So why are so many service and delivery businesses still struggling to get it right on the day of service?

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Collection vs delivery for customers and retailers

5 minutes read

Collection and pick-up services are now a mandatory part of the mix for retailers. With fast delivery being the big conversation for the past few years, why are we seeing the rise in collection and what is driving the shift?

This week we have seen Amazon announce that they are partnering with Next in the UK to provide a collection option for customers. Large American retailers such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot and CVS have made big investments into their pick up options in the past year...

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