Localz Blog: Bluetooth

Whitepaper: Why Do Smartphone Users Allow Access To Location?

9 minutes read

For the latest innovations in mobile customer experience to be effective, customers must allow access to location services and Bluetooth. So are customers opting in? And if so, why and when? This whitepaper provides insight from analysis of over one million mobile app users across the UK, USA and Australia. It explains why customers allow access to location and identifies best practices to ensure customers opt-in.

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Top 6 Best Practices to Maximise take up of Location Services

3 minutes read

At first glance, the results of our survey and research make sober reading. Especially for beacon manufacturers. The funnel carves out about 85% of your app users, leaving just over 15% of your app users that you can potentially engage with via BLE. When BLE is not considered, and geofences are used instead, the numbers look much better – just over half of your app users can be engaged via location services, which is more encouraging.

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The Use of Location Services, Based on One Million People

8 minutes read

In a previous blog, we published the results from our online survey, where respondents explained under what circumstances they would enable location services and why they deny the access in the first place. In part two, we are comparing this with real data, which indicates how many people actually use location services in the real world.

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Balancing Privacy with Customer Service

2 minutes read

Retailers need as much information as possible about their customers in order to provide the best customer experience. They ask many questions about who their customers are, where they are from and what they want. All those questions make customers concerned about their privacy and what retailers are going to do with that information.

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Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) for Android

1 minute read


Bluetooth Smart, aka Low Energy, has massive potential to transform the way we interact with digital things in the physical world.  What makes it special is the combination of ultra low power requirements, inexpensive chipsets and wide adoption by consumer electronics manufacturers.  According to a report by IHS Inc, by 2018 90% of smartphones will be Bluetooth Smart ready.  Surprisingly, forecasts project that 60% of Bluetooth Smart chips will be shipped not for use in smartphones but...

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