Localz And Reelyactive Partner To Create Smart Spaces

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Localz and reelyActive are partnering to use the latest in location technology to create smart spaces.

What is a smart space? Smart spaces understand who is in a space and how they are moving about and interacting with that space. The smart space can then respond to those people with an improved experience.

reelyActive fits out spaces with their proprietary hardware, reelceiver. Reelceivers listen to publicly available transmissions from people’s devices, such as smartphones. The real-time data is relayed to reelyActive software, enabling the identification and location of the devices in the smart space. This provides visibility of anonymous foot traffic in the smart space. By connecting with publicly available data, like social media, you can gain then gain a sample picture of the people that are moving about the space.

reelyActive hardware is at the cutting edge of location technology,” said Tim Andrew, Co-founder at Localz. “We are excited to be working with Jeff and the team. We look forward to stretching this latest technology to its limits and creating new and exciting experiences for customers”.

Localz's partner reelyActive pareto software for smart spaces

Localz also uses location technology but captures more specific location data. Localz captures location of customers who have opted-in to share their location via a mobile app. Using Localz, retailers can communicate one-to-one in real-time with customers, based on where they are in-store.

Localz uses location technology to capture more the location data of customers who have opted-in to share their location via a mobile app. Localz does this by including an SDK in the retailer’s mobile app. Customers register and opt-in to share their location when they first use the mobile app. Localz then connects real-time location data with the identifying information in the mobile app. This tells the retailer that John Smith is in the Oxford Street store, right now.

"It's great to be working with Localz because they really understand location technologies," said Jeff Dungen, Co-founder and CEO at reelyActive. "At the end of the day, it's about real-world solutions, and Localz know how to apply the right location technologies, especially at scale."

By combining reelyActive’s anonymous customer data with Localz known customer data, retailers can gain unprecedented visibility of who is in their store, and how they are interacting with that space.