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Rampant Uberification/ Uberization of Services

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Uber has not only entered the dictionary, it has turned the service world on its head setting a whole new standard for day of service communications. We are now in the Radical Age of Uberization.
slide 2 - webinar Uberization of the Mobile workforce


Uber is one of those companies that we all say we could have founded and that they started something really simple. But that’s us forgetting they not only let us grab a cab from our phone, they gave us visibility of where nearby cabs were, gave us a choice of standard, gave us clear timings. It was the frictionless, transparent and punctual service which we ultimately all bought into. We also love having our voices heard, providing an instantaneous feedback rating on our driver.

The figures stand up on their own: Uber is now valued over $60 billion for its taxi hailing service in over 81 countries!


The Magic of Uberification

Localz provides this magic with its smart, easily integrated technology enabling us to track the location of services, orders, and provide honest feedback using our smartphones. On the back end, our easy to use, strong platform provides the business an overview of all these activities in real-time. This trend is part of the ODMS (On-Demand Mobile Service).


Businesses that are going through the Uber Revolution

Home Services: Localz is transforming the day of service, be that getting a plumber, carpenter, handyman, electrician, air conditioner mechanic. Historically communications around these appointments have been inefficient and adhoc; we all have our own personal nightmare service stories. They are now not out of reach of being Uberized - see what we are doing for British Gas.

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Roadside Services: When anything happens that impacts our cars we are in a state of high anxiety. Localz tech is powering Track My Rescue for RAC and Autoglass to alleviate this.

Delivery: We’re working with DPD and HSS to ensure consumers are aware of the exact time of delivery.

Health: The next mobile worker base being put under pressure for ‘Uber-like’ day of service are nurses, physiotherapists, home carers, and home-visit doctors.


Why is it epidemic?

Uberization stats


The uberification/ uberization of services is all about addressing a consumer market that has been characterized by unpredictable customer experience. Consumers demand:

- Real-time communications
  • - Precise delivery windows
  • - Accurate, relevant notifications
  • - Two-way communications
  • - Verification of the mobile worker
  • - Instant feedback

It is obvious this is great for consumers, but working across industries we also see the clear returns on investment for businesses that are adopting Localz Uber-like model.

Service providers can easily keep customers up-to-date through automated text communications triggered by location and job progress.

The results - ROI

Localz quickly integrated solutions provide automated, real-time status updates to the customer throughout the day of service. Most significantly, the customer is automatically notified when the technician is en route, provided with an estimated arrival time and a live tracking map.

Simply put, we’re helping make the day of service awesome.

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