Product Update: Localz Spotz has new visual indicator for developers

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We have done this to make the Localz Spotz platform a safer place and reduce the risk of unwanted changes to Organisations and Applications in the Production environment. Just one of the ways we’re trying make life easier and safer for our customers and partners.

Localz has created a new visual indicator in Localz Spotz for developers working in the development environment.  

Localz works with a number of partners who actively use and integrate with Localz Spotz console. To make things easier for our partners and also for the Localz engineers, we’ve now added a new visual indicator to Localz Spotz console for developers. This gives a clearer vision when you’re working in the development environment.

Product Update: New Visual Indicator for Developers

We’d love feedback from developers, to find out how this and other new features are helping. If you have had a chance to look at the new feature, you can send feedback to If you are new to our platform, you can log in and check out our platform here.

For links to other documentation and tools, including links to Android and iOS SDKs, API and integration documentation, and our links to our Beacon Toolkit, check out our developers page.