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Product Update: New Spotz Menu Structure

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At Localz we’re continuously looking to make our Localz Spotz platform easier to setup and manage - so we went back to basics and have spent some time re-designing the structure and layout of our menu.

The re-designed Localz Spotz menu structure makes it easier to setup and manage Spotz Organisations and Applications.

First off, we’ve made some simple font and colour changes so it’s easier for users like you to know where you are at any time and to more easily distinguish between Organisations and Applications. We’ve also put the key activities and screens you require to setup your Organisation in one simple Organisation Setup menu. In there you can create and manage your sites, triggers and create new UUIDs for your beacons that you’ll be using in any of your Applications.


Product Update: New Spotz Menu Organisations Menu


Other cool things we’ve done to make managing Organisations easier:

  • All the settings for your Organisation, like adding Owner/Admins, changing Organisation name and details, have been put together in the Organisation Settings
  • We’ve added an Audit Log feature to allow you to clearly see logging of all updates and modifications made to each Application within the Organisation.
  • There will be an Activity reporting feature, which consolidates all the Device statistics and monthly API calls and Spot event statistics in one place in the Spotz console menu.

Similarly, within the Applications menu:


    Applications Menu Applications Menu


    All of your key activities and screens are sitting under an Application Setup menu to help guide you visually through the process to setup your Application.

  • From linking your Sites, creating your Spots, adding Extensions through to setting up your SDK - obtaining the app keys and setting your SDK configuration - all activities are in one place and visually ordered in the menu.
  • Application collaborators can easily access new Audit Logs and Activity reporting on Triggers, Spots, Devices and Spot events via the Application menu.
  • The Application menu now also has an Application Settings menu where you can change your Application name and details, add Collaborators to your Application and Publish the changes you’ve made.
  • Perhaps the most striking change to the Applications menu is the visually clear and distinguished display of the Module Setup and individual Module Configuration Now you can simply enable the modules you want via the Module Setup & Keys menu. Once that’s done, the Click and Collect, Spotz Push and Retail Modules now display as menus to help you configure and setup these modules within your application.

We have found it so much easier to go through the process of setting up Organisations and Applications for our customers and we hope you do, too. If you would like to check out the new features for yourself you can log onto our platform here . As we’re always looking to improve, if you have any suggestions on how we can make our platform even better, please send them through to