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Product Update: Localz Click & Collect

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Localz is constantly working to improve Localz Click & Collect solution. This latest update gives users the ability to completely configure the Localz Click & Collect application directly from the Localz web console. You can now design push notifications for order collection, more easily add in customised webhooks for order completion and access the expanded options for identifying and authenticating customers.

Configuration from Localz Web Console

Users now have the ability to completely configure the Localz Click & Collect application directly from the Localz web console. Users can toggle features on and off as well as customise the look of their Management Dashboard and Web Kiosk.  This makes the setup and configuration of Localz Click & Collect much easier and faster.

Click and Collect

Simplified Process for Adding in Customised Webhooks

Localz has also simplified the process for adding in customised webhooks for when orders are completed.  This allows users to specify a custom action that happens when the order status changes to completion – this can be used for any number of things including reporting and analytics or triggering other applications and services.

Expansion of Options for Identifying and Authenticating Customers

Another enhancement of Localz Click & Collect solution includes the expansion of options for identifying and authenticating your customers in your mobile apps. The platform now supports three ways of authenticating customers:

  1. via API to your enterprise authentication platform (e.g. using existing customer identifiers)
  2. via email using Localz email authentication
  3. allowing customers to register directly in the app.

Design Push Notifications when Orders are Ready

A new feature we’re excited about is the ability for users to design push notifications to customers when their orders are ready for pickup, acknowledged by an attendant, delayed, or to allow customers to provide feedback. Users can also specify if a backup SMS is required in the event an ‘order ready’ push message fails (e.g. if a customer turns off their phone or deletes the app).Click and Collect

New User-Friendly Features

The team has added many other features to make Localz Click & Collect more user-friendly:

  • Native Android and iOS click and collect kiosk applications.
  • Create and configure quick order buttons on the Operational Dashboard for commonly made orders.
  • View nearby customers and create orders directly for them via the Operational Dashboard
  • Create orders directly from the Operational Dashboard.
  • New APIs available for creating customers, creating orders and deleting orders available for use in your customer apps
  • A new Time of Collection report, to see the pickup time of orders
  • A toggle to turn on/off the ability to create orders from the Web Dashboard
  • Alerting function to the management console showing any alerts relating to Click and Collect stores or attendant status these include the last time an attendant was seen or last time a store was seen. These alerts can be closed in the console or via email. Escalation pathways can also be configured.
  • Users can configure an email provider for email-based notifications via the Spotz Console.
  • Ability to upload an HTML email template for customer notifications in addition to the existing rich text editor

We’re really proud of all the updates and improvements we’ve made, we hope you enjoy them.

To find out more about Localz Click & Collect solution or send us feedback, please email us at .