Product Update: Beacon Toolkit

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In the past few weeks, we started to share with you what our developers have been up to. Before we get into that, let’s remind you what the Localz’ Beacon Toolkit is and what is does.

Localz has updated the Localz Beacon Toolkit with some cool new features and UI enhancements.

Beacon Toolkit is a simple app that allows your compatible iOS device to become a Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon compatible) beacon. With this app you can generate beacons from QR codes, URLs, JSON files or manually create beacons yourself. It also makes it much simpler to use any existing compatible iOS hardware as a beacon trigger and removes the need to purchase and manage additional beacons.

Beacon ToolkitSo, what’s new with Localz Beacon Toolkit app?

With our next update, you’ll be able to login to your Spotz platform account to synchronise the beacons you've setup. This is particularly useful during testing and implementation as any changes you make in the platform are synced with the app. Included in the updated version is the ability to login to either the Australian (AU) or European (EU) Spotz environments to ensure everyone who uses the Spotz platform can access their user account and beacons in the Localz Beacon Toolkit.

There are some new UI enhancements. The developers team has also been working hard at squashing any remaining bugs.

What haven’t we changed?

The Localz Beacon Toolkit retains the ability to set up and store beacons on the local device without a Spotz account. We have kept the in-built folder structure because it makes it much easier to find your way through the app.

We would love to hear what your thoughts are on the updated Localz Beacon Toolkit. Download the new app here and give your feedback.