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View job details more easily from the Dashboard

The order details in your Localz Management Dashboard have changed to make it easier to find the information about each job that you need.

order details_cover

Being able to view the details of each job or order easily from the Localz Management Dashboard is a real help. Having to scroll endlessly to find the information you’re looking for -  not so much.

From 18th November, the order details in your Localz Management Dashboard will be changing to make it easier to find the information about each job that you need.

What's changing?

Currently, when you open a job, the details are displayed on a single pop up which you need to scroll through to find relevant details. 

From 18 November, the information from the pop up will be separated into tabs to make it easier to find.


Changes in detail

Job list

The layout of the jobs lists on the Dispatch and Completed pages has been simplified. 

Shaded rows make it easier to distinguish between different jobs and navigate between them.

Clicking on a job opens the job details. 

Note that the Actions buttons have been moved to the Job details page. To edit or delete a job, you need to open the job details.




Job details page

The job details pop up has been separated into tabs for easier navigation, making it faster to find the relevant information. 

Action buttons have also been added to the top of the Job details page, so you can edit or delete a job. Clicking the back button returns you to the jobs list. 




Summary tab

The Summary tab displays the order details including the address, order progress and status.


Order detail_summary


Items tab

The Items tab displays items needed for the job, including stock codes and quantities.


Order detail_items


Customer tab

Customer details such as their name and contact details are included in the Customer tab. Along with any instructions or comments from the customer, and the tracking link.


Order detail_Customer


Technician tab

The Technician tab includes the name and ID of your mobile workers, along with a link to their schedule. 


Order detail_Technician



Chat transcripts tab

Any chat communication between the customer and field staff will be displayed in the Chat Transcripts tab as they happen. 


Order detail_Transcripts


Proof of delivery tab

The Proof of delivery tab displays the job status and includes proof of delivery information such as the customer signature and photos. Item condition reports, if used, are included here.


Order detail_Proof of delivery


Feedback tab (new feature)

The Feedback tab displays customer feedback, including the rating and comments for each job. This will be available if you use the new feedback feature from Localz to collect feedback from your customers.


Order detail_Feedback