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What’s new: Operative Engagement gamifies mobile worker experience

The Operative Engagement module leverages data to help mobile operatives have an awesome day. 

Happy mobile worker uses operative engagement driver behaviour app for last mile

Mobile operatives have a lot to do aside from delivering a service or making a repair.  Tasks such as following the correct sequence, indicating that they’re on their way, and marking jobs as complete are essential to ensure a seamless last-mile service. 

Missing one of these tasks can result in operational challenges, incomplete data, and even a poor customer experience. But in many cases, operatives don’t have any way to keep track of how they’re doing. Meanwhile, managers are left guessing about their team’s performance, and unable to provide rewards, recognition or assistance.

We’ve worked closely with clients in the parcel delivery and field service space to solve these challenges using gamification.




The Operative Engagement module leverages existing data to help mobile operatives have an awesome day. Field staff can self serve insights about their performance while benefiting from game design techniques that foster self-improvement. 

The result?

Happier operatives, more complete data, and top-tier customer experiences. 

Operative Engagement works alongside Localz’ customer engagement solutions to help you provide a flawless last-mile experience. The solution is perfect for businesses looking to:

  • Motivate mobile operatives to follow business processes such as job completion workflows.
  • Boost morale and keep operatives engaged through feedback, recognition and assistance.
  • Ensure excellent customer service by encouraging operatives to follow assigned sequences and processes.
  • Help managers to visualise team and individual alignment with business goals and KPIs.

What’s new at a glance

  • Why gamification: Gamification techniques  encourage teams to carry out routine tasks consistently and to a high standard.

  • Leverage existing data: Leverage data from the Localz platform or your own systems to track the most important KPIs.

  • Onboarding and what’s new: Introduces users to the purpose and concepts of the app, so that they can get off to a great start.

  • Ongoing motivation: Keeps mobile workers engaged with important reminders and achievements.

  • Individual performance: Gives operatives an overview of their progress, most recent performance and awards.

  • Status: Provides a quick way for operatives to see their recent performance, and motivation to keep it up.

  • History: Breaks down KPIs from the last shift.

  • Awards: Provides positive reinforcement for meeting actionable, concrete goals and performing daily tasks.

  • Feedback: Team members can provide ratings and feedback to help your business understand what’s working well.

  • Dashboard: Managers can easily keep track of team and individual KPIs.


Why gamification?

Gamification is the process of bringing game-like elements into a non-game context. These concepts include scores, leaderboards and awards. 

Gamification taps into our natural desires for competition and achievement, and helps us to progress towards personal and professional goals. 




By bringing gamification techniques to the workplace, we can encourage teams to carry out routine tasks consistently and to a high standard.

Employees have increased transparency of what tasks are expected, with concrete and achievable goals to meet. Staff can track their progress, get feedback on achievements, and connect with workmates through competition and shared goals.

In addition, the output can be used in performance reviews and reporting.  Managers can provide individual feedback or visualise their team’s alignment with business goals and KPIs.

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Leverage existing data

Operative Engagement repurposes data from the Localz platform to provide insights about staff performance. 

Typical KPIs for field service operatives include: 

  • Indicating they’re on their way
  • Arriving at the ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • Following job completion workflows

Typical KPIs for delivery drivers include:

  • Following the delivery sequence
  • Arriving at the ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • Scanning and delivering goods

You can also bring data from your other systems to track KPIs that are important to your business.

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Onboarding and what’s new

Onboarding messages introduce users to the purpose and concepts of the app, why they are using it and how it will help them. This ensures that users get off to a great start and are motivated to keep using the app.



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Ongoing motivation

By fostering emotions like joy, pride, triumph and surprise on a daily basis, the app motivates staff to improve their own performance.

  • Notification pop-ups include important reminders that help staff do their job.
  • Daily motivation includes helpful suggestions and congratulations.
  • New achievements and calls to action help staff progress towards goals.



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Individual performance

The individual performance tab gives a summary of the operative’s latest performance stats and awards. It’s easy for operatives to see if they’re on track today, compare their most recent shifts, and view their latest awards at a glance.

  • Status: Status gives a quick indication of performance based on recent KPIs.
  • Results: The results section shows the operative’s latest performance stats. The dynamic motivation loop helps the team member visualise their progress towards daily goals.
  • Shift history: The operative can compare recent sessions and see progress.
  • Awards: Accumulation of daily goals motivates staff to perform consistently. 



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The status feature gives operatives a really quick way to see their performance, without digging down into individual KPIs. Status is based on the average of the KPIs over a period of a configurable number of days. 

Status motivates operatives to maintain an excellent performance over time, in order to stay in the gold bracket or above. Managers can use status as a high-level indication of staff's performance, making it easy to recognise top-tier operatives.

Operatives can click on the status bar to see more details.



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The history tab breaks down key KPIs from the last shift. The motivation loop helps the team member to see if they have room for improvement, while the stats breakdown shows more detail about how their score was calculated, so they can see where they need to improve.



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The awards tab is designed to provide workers with concrete steps towards achieving their goals. Since awards are an accumulation of daily achievements, they encourage consistent behaviour.

  • Daily activities: Shows staff what activities you can do in the app every day, which contributes to daily usage awards.
  • Awards: Provides positive reinforcement for meeting concrete goals.



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Staff have the opportunity to provide insights on their experience of the app. The configurable survey allows your business to capture what’s working well for operatives, which KPIs they would change, or other business-related feedback.



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Operative engagement data is visible in the Localz Management dashboard, so it’s easy to recognise outstanding achievements and benchmark your team’s performance.




  • The operatives tab shows you how individual operatives or groups of operatives are performing, including Localz usage and customer ratings.
  • The engagement tab gives an at-a-glance view of job outcomes, team engagement, Localz usage and ETA accuracy.
  • The leaderboard makes it easy to identify high-performing operatives.

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Getting started with operative engagement

The operative engagement module works with existing Localz solutions by motivating employees to provide an awesome customer experience. Staff are encouraged to complete essential tasks that make for a more efficient day of service. 

The module can be added to your Localz operative app or background app. Alternatively, the app can work alongside your own field service or delivery management app. 

Already using Localz? Ask your Customer Success Manager how Operative Engagement contributes to awesome customer service.

New to Localz? Get in touch to find out how customer and staff engagement can reduce operational costs.