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Provide ETA as a service with Track My Appointment from Localz

Track My Appointment uses job and location data to trigger appointment reminders and ETA updates. Customers know when to expect their operative, and operatives know that customers will be ready when they arrive.
Screenshot of Localz On My Way ETA messaging and real-time technician tracking for field service

Think about the last time you ordered a pizza, shopped online or hailed a ride. Chances are, you received an SMS when the driver was on their way. Perhaps you could even track their arrival on a map.

Customers expect the same thoughtful service from every business they interact with - not just from giants like Amazon or Uber. That’s why Localz helps field service companies to provide a similar experience.

Track My Appointment uses job and location data to trigger appointment reminders and ETA updates. Customers know when to expect their operative, and operatives know that customers will be ready when they arrive. Your business benefits from increased first-time access and reduced truck rolls.

Here’s how ETA messaging could add value to your service offering.


How does ETA messaging work?

"On my way" messaging is at the heart of Localz’ ETA tracking and communications solution. Customers receive useful notifications on the day of service, and can track their operative’s arrival on a map.


On My Way messaging

Localz gathers job and location data through a range of integration options, or through the mobile operative app. This data is used to trigger messages at key points in the service delivery journey.

The most obvious example is the “On My Way” message. This tells the customer when an operative is en route to the appointment.




With the operative app, or through integration with your existing app, operatives can trigger an “on my way” notification with just one click. 

The customer receives the message via SMS, email, or an automated landline call. There’s no need for technicians or support staff to telephone the customer with an update. 

The message contains a precise ETA, based on the operative’s location and traffic information.

Typically, the message links to a web-based customer portal, where customers can track their operative’s arrival on a map. 


Configurable triggers

In addition to "on my way" messages, Localz uses job and location data to send communications specific to your customer journey. Let’s look at some common examples.





  • Notify customers when a job is created, with the message including details such as date and time.
  • Send reminder notifications at  specific times prior to the appointment, or the morning of the appointment.
  • Alert customers when an operative is assigned to the job.
  • Let customers know when job details have changed - such as the date and time.
  • Notify customers when their position in a queue changes.
  • Send a message immediately before the operative’s arrival on site,  triggered by a Geofence or an ETA Timefence.
  • Alert the customer when the job could not be completed - for instance, if it was unsafe to proceed.

Alternative communication channels 

For ETA messaging to be successful, customers need to get the message.




With Localz, you can choose the best channel to match your customers’ needs. 


  • SMS: SMS is best for immediate communication, such as sharing a fifteen-minute arrival window or sudden change of plans. Text messages can also link to a customer portal with more information.

  • Email: Email may be suitable if you need to share a long message with lots of important information.

  • Landline: For the “on my way” message, customers can receive an automated landline call with a voice message stating the technician’s ETA.
  • Push notification: Where Localz is integrated with your customer app, you can keep customers in the loop through push notifications. 


Use cases for On My Way

Make life easier for technicians

With "on my way" notifications, there's no need to telephone or text the customer in between jobs. Operatives can trigger a notification through the operative app, or Localz can trigger the message based on job status updates.

Field staff love the convenience of one-click notifications:


One mobile operative in the utilities sector told us that since using the Localz app, he feels customer satisfaction has been improved, providing updates to customers has become a simple process. He loves that just with a click within the app he can let the next customer know he is on the way.


Help customers to prepare

If a customer doesn’t know when to expect their operative, they may be occupied when the doorbell rings. They may even have dashed to the shops.

This results in slow access - or no access - to the property. Technicians are left frustrated and unable to complete their assigned jobs for the day.

“On my way” tracking ensures that customers are ready and waiting for the operative. You can also send an additional message when the technician is about to arrive - a great way to provide last-minute reminders.


“It was great knowing exactly when the engineer would arrive and gave us time to prepare, and also the reminder of keeping the pets away was very helpful”

End-customer feedback


Reduce call centre volumes

Automated communications keep customers in the loop - so there’s less need for inbound and outbound calls.

Utility provider Welsh Water saw this as an opportunity to improve customer experience and increase contact centre efficiency. 

When a technician is on the way, the customer receives an SMS with a 15-minute arrival window and a link to a live tracking map. When the operative is nearby, the customer receives another SMS reminding them of safety measures.


Feedback from customers shows that they appreciate these digital appointment updates. Since the introduction of technician tracking, “where’s my technician?” query calls for waste water appointments have decreased by 50 per cent.  
Check out the case study


Increase first-time access

You can’t guarantee first-time access every time. But many missed appointments can be avoided with timely communication.

United Living Property Services (ULPS) opted for Localz to improve customer experience and reduce costly missed appointments. The company estimates that real-time customer updates have reduced their no-access visits by 45%. 


"The difference we have seen has been significant and the results have been really beneficial to our business. We have improved productivity, both on the road and in the call centre, and reduced associated re-work time such as additional travel and time spent contacting customers to rebook appointments."

Jonathan Evans, Business Improvement Manager at ULPS 


Get started with Track My Appointment

"On my way" tracking is at the heart of your field service customer engagement tool kit. Track My Appointment increases visibility for customers through real-time notifications and ETA tracking. 

Mobile workforces in housing, property management, asset rental and utilities already benefit from real-time communications. If you’d like to get started, we’d be happy to answer your questions.


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