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New enhanced design for Localz customer portal

Customers can more easily find the information they need to feel in control on the day of service.

With the latest update to the Localz platform, the information you provide your customers for tracking the arrival of their technician will be clearer and easier to understand. A new design for the customer portal means customers can more easily find the information they need to feel in control on the day of service.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Map C


How does the new customer portal work?

Clicking the link from the On My Way SMS will open the customer portal to a map, which clearly shows the location of the technician and highlights the address they are heading to.


1. Map and ETA

The Technician name and photo are clearly displayed at the top of the screen, along with the ETA (estimated time of arrival) and a real-time countdown timer in minutes.

It’s now easier for customers to see where to add instructions for the driver or contact them.

Clicking the speech bubble button displays the options for contacting the technician. These contact options are based on those you’ve chosen to provide for customers.


Localz customer portal map



2. Job information

Job Info displays the Technician’s information and photo, including vehicle registration if available.

The order details include the delivery date, address, order number and the job status.

The delivery progress keeps customers informed of where the job status is at, and the next step to expect.


Localz customer portal technician details


3.  Contact information

Contact information for customer support can be found in the Contact tab.

To contact the technician, customers can click the speech bubble icon. This opens the communication options, letting customers text or call their technician.


Localz customer portal contact information tab


Why switch to the new customer portal?

The clearer design of the customer portal not only looks better, but also makes it easier for your customers to find the information they need on the day of service. 

User testing demonstrated that some customers were confused about where certain information was located. They also weren’t aware of features like the ability to contact support or the technician to leave a message. We made these features more prominent, and used more intuitive icons to help customers find what they need.

To find out how we put customer-first research into the development of the new UI, read the blog by Myka Hecht-Wendt, one of our User Experience Designers:


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