New alerts for negative feedback

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Negative feedback alerts for internal teams are now available.

From 9 December, you’ll also be able to see the feedback ratings on the Localz management dashboard making it easy to see if and when negative reviews come in.

Hear more from your customers

41% of customer want to be able to rate the service they receive, which means that if you want to meet customer expectations in today’s market, you need to listen to your customers. For businesses, it’s equally important to be able to capture customer feedback by job and technician and benchmark average ratings for customer satisfaction across teams and locations.

Localz makes it easy to get feedback from your customers at the end of every job with an easy to understand, configurable feedback form. Keeping the form to three simple questions increases the likelihood of customers completing the form.

Asking what worked well and what could be improved provides clear, actionable insights into your day of service and helps inform you and your mobile workers of what to keep doing and where changes can be made.


You'll be able to see when negative feedback comes through on the management dashboard via the Feedback tiles.

Dashboard UI update Copy

To make it easier, an alert will pop up when a 1 or 2 star review comes in.

Dashboard UI update

Clicking the alert opens that feedback. This gives you the opportunity to view the review and contact the customer immediately to rectify any issues.

Order detail_Feedback-1

Clicking on the number of review on the dashboard opens a filtered list of the feedback received with that rating.

From the list, you can open the individual feedback responses as required.

Keep in mind, you'll also be able to see the positive reviews coming in which you can use to continue to make your customers experience it you awesome.

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