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Operative app powers an awesome experience for field workers and customers

The mobile workforce app streamlines the day of service and powers last-mile operative tracking. 

Localz mobile workforce technician app screenshots

As digital consumers, we’ve learned to expect visibility and control.

Yet when it comes to service appointments, we often have no idea whom to expect, when they’ll arrive, or how to contact them. This leads to unhappy customers and missed jobs.

Thankfully, service companies are rising to the challenge. Many companies use Localz to equip customers with notifications, real-time tracking and two-way chat.

Localz' mobile worker app is built to support the customer experience. It also helps operatives to plan their day and complete jobs successfully. 

With minimal effort, the operative benefits from happier customers and more efficient service delivery. 


How does the operative app work?

The operative app lets technicians view their jobs for the day, automate On My Way notifications, and chat with customers on the day of service.


Job details

Within the app, mobile operatives can view details of their scheduled work and completed jobs for the day. 




Operatives can view details for a scheduled job, including a map of the route to the appointment site. They can also access turn-by-turn navigation to the end customer’s address. 


Location sharing

Operatives can toggle themselves On- and Off-duty to enable and disable location sharing from their device. 

Using job status and location data, we let your customers know what’s happening with their appointment in real time. And we give them an Uber-like experience by letting them track the operative’s arrival on a map.


On my Way messaging

With the Manage My Day app, or through integration with your existing app, technicians can trigger an “On My Way” notification with just one click. 

The customer receives the message via SMS, email, or an automated landline call.




The message contains a precise ETA, based on the operative’s location and traffic information. There’s also a link to the web-based customer portal, where customers can track the operative’s arrival on a map. 

Localz can also send other useful messages to customers based on the job status or the operative’s location.


Group chat

Within the web-based customer portal, customers can track the operative’s arrival and open up a chat.

Operatives receive customer messages through the Manage My Day app, where they can reply to the customer to create a two-way conversation. 




The operative can also initiate chats with the customer and/or office-based staff.


Order completion

Where proof of completion is needed, operatives can add photos or notes, as well as the customer’s signature. 





Localz is built to work with what you’ve got. If the Manage My Day app isn’t quite right, Here are some options:


  • Already using a technician app with location tracking? Ask us about integrating Localz tracking and communications into your existing solution.
  • Using a mobile worker app without location capabilities? Use the Localz lightweight background app to power location sharing and chat with customers. 


Why use a mobile operative app?

By putting customers first, you can also make life easier for field operatives. Operational visibility leads to reduced multitasking, increased access, and a comfortable working environment for your team.


1. Reduce multitasking on the job

With the operative app, or through integration with your existing app, workers can trigger an “On My Way” notification to customers. There’s no need to phone or text the customer in between jobs. 




Field staff love the convenience of one-click notifications:

One mobile operative in the utilities sector told us that Localz has helped with the installation of smart meters. He loves that just with a click of the “green button” within the app he can let the next customer know he is on the way.


2. Improve operative experience

The app allows operatives to access crucial job information, without relying on dispatchers. For each job, the mobile worker can view specific information including customer details, a route map and an ETA. 




Depending on your business needs, the app can also include incident reporting, vehicle safety checks, and Proof of Delivery workflows.


Localz integrated with HSS Hire’s driver app to streamline tool hire deliveries. Drivers can access vehicle safety checks and job information, as well as routing and navigation. They can also power automated customer notifications.

Since digitising the driver experience, HSS Hire has seen driver retention improve by 45%. By streamlining route planning and increasing first-time access, the technology also contributes to fuel savings, a key part of HSS Hire’s sustainability agenda.


2. Increase first-time access

"On my way" messages and real-time tracking let customers know when to be at home. That means fewer missed appointments, so operatives can complete more of their scheduled work for the day.




You can also provide customers with last-minute reminders that help the operative complete their job.


It was great knowing exactly when the engineer would arrive and gave us time to prepare, and also the reminder of keeping the pets away was very helpful

End-customer feedback


3. Technicians can access vital information

Often, your customers have helpful information that they’d like to share with the operative.




With Chat My Way, customers can send instructions on where to go and what to expect. They can also ask the operative to wait if they’ve headed out for just a few minutes.

Your team can then make an informed decision about whether to wait or declare a no-access visit.


Hit some morning traffic. On our way. Should be there in twenty. Sorry!


Operatives can also use the app to communicate with office-based staff if more information is needed. 


Get started with Manage My Day

The operative app helps to power your field service customer engagement including customer communications and last-mile operative tracking. 

If you already use a mobile worker app, you can still benefit from Localz functionality. Localz can integrate with your existing system, or we can power tracking and communication via a background app. 

Mobile workforces in housing, property management, asset rental and utilities already benefit from last-mile tracking and communications. If you’d like to get started, we’d be happy to answer your questions.


Localz customer engagement solutions for the last mile of field service