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Deliver frictionless customer experience with Localz Track My Appointment

By keeping customers in the loop, you can reduce call centre volumes, increase first-time access and deliver a frictionless customer experience.
Localz web-based customer portal improves field service customer experience

Today’s field service customer expects easy access to information: anything less leads to frustration, anxiety, and calls to your contact centre. 

Track My Appointment tackles this challenge by giving your customers all the information they need for a service appointment. 

By keeping customers in the loop, you can reduce call centre volumes, increase first-time access and deliver a frictionless customer experience.

Keep reading to find out how appointment tracking enhances your service offering.


How does Track My Appointment work?

Leading up to an appointment, Localz triggers real-time updates and On My Way messages via SMS or email. These messages link to a web-based customer portal including live ETA tracking, appointment details, and two-way communication.

Track My Appointment is easily configurable to align with your brand and customer journey. Here are some of the options:


"On my way" messaging

Localz gathers job and location data through a range of integration options, or through the mobile operative app. This data is used to trigger messages at key points in the service delivery journey.




The most obvious example is the “On My Way” SMS. This tells the customer when an operative is en route to the appointment, and typically includes a 15-minute ETA window. The message also links to a web-based portal where the customer can track the operative's arrival on a map.

In addition, Localz can use job and location data to send communications specific to your customer journey - for instance, when the appointment is created, or when a technician is assigned. 


Live map and ETA tracking

Within the customer portal, you can choose to display the technician’s name and photo. The customer can also see the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and a real-time countdown timer in minutes.

The map view allows customers to track the technician’s journey to the appointment site. 


Localz Manage My Appointments customer portal live ETA tracking and job details


Contact options

The portal provides shortcuts to contact the technician or the call centre, based on the options provided. 

The customer can also open up two-way messaging with the technician to provide useful information such as entry instructions. 


Job information

The job info displays the technician’s details and photo, including vehicle registration if available.

The order details include the appointment date, address, order number, job status, and other useful details.

The order progress section displays a “pizza tracker” style progress bar showing the job status and the next steps.


Field service customer portal use cases

Improve customer experience

Customer expectations are shaped by their experiences across other sectors. Real-time updates and tracking are the norm for deliveries and rideshares - so why should service appointments be any different?

With real-time updates, live ETA tracking and a “pizza tracker” style progress bar, you’ll give customers the experience they expect. 

Organisations such as Uber and Amazon have carefully crafted their customer journey with clever psychology. With Track My Appointment, service companies can provide a similar experience - increasing satisfaction and enhancing operations at the same time.


Reduce call centre volumes

Waiting for a mobile worker can cause anxiety and stress. Customers have questions such as:

  • Who is coming so I know it’s safe to open the door?
  • Will I be able to get to the door in time?
  • What will I need to do so they can do their work?
  • What time are they coming?

The Track My Appointment portal answers all these questions and more, so customers feel safe and relaxed. There’s no need for multiple calls to your contact centre.


Help technicians to gain access

If a customer doesn’t know when to expect the visit, they may be somewhere else when the doorbell rings. 

This results in slow access - or no access - to the property. Your business suffers increased operational costs, and technicians are unable to complete their assigned jobs.

Even if a customer is present at the site, they may be unprepared for the appointment, or reluctant to provide access to a stranger.

With "on my way" notifications and the web-based portal, customers know whom to expect, and when they’ll arrive. The portal can also provide helpful information, such as safety tips or how to prepare the site.

Technicians no longer need to phone customers when they’re on their way, and they can complete their jobs safely and quickly.


Get started with Track My Appointment

Track My Appointment is a core part of your field service customer engagement tool kit. Customers benefit from automated notifications, two-way chat, and a self-service portal where they can track the operative's arrival.

You can also mix and match Localz' optional modules to create a tailored customer experience. 

  • Manage My Appointment: Let customers confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment.
  • Chat My Way: Add office-based staff to the chat to make sure everyone gets the information they need.
  • Rate My Experience: Collect real-time feedback to speed up service recovery.

Mobile workforces in housing, property management, asset rental and utilities already benefit from the secure web-based customer portal. If you’d like to get started, we’d be happy to answer your questions.


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