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Localz management dashboard empowers your contact centre with real-time visibility

The web-based dashboard works alongside Localz' core ETA tracking and communication solutions. Operational staff can view real-time service delivery updates and historical insights.

Localz Manage My Workforce last-mile operations and customer engagement dashboard

Field service appointments are complex, with operatives, goods and vehicles on the move. To provide a seamless experience, it’s essential to keep customers and staff in the loop.

The management dashboard provides real-time updates on the day’s jobs. Contact centre advisors can view operatives’ locations, keep track of customer chats, and review customer feedback.

Here’s how the dashboard empowers your team and boosts the customer experience.


How does it work?

The web-based dashboard works alongside Localz' core ETA tracking and communication solutions. Operational staff can view real-time service delivery updates and historical insights.



The dashboard home screen gives you an overview of today's jobs and what's happening right now. This view is configurable depending on your business priorities.

Jobs counters show how many jobs are scheduled, in progress, or have been completed today.

For Rate My Experience users, feedback counters give a summary of customer feedback in real time.


Real-time visibility

Map view gives an overview of the location of on-duty mobile operatives in your area.


Localz Manage My Workforce dashboard with map view


Users can select a mobile operative to view the locations of their jobs for that day.  If the operative is travelling to their next job, the user can view their suggested route.



With Rate My Experience, the dashboard shows a live count of today's feedback responses.

There’s a dedicated tab to search, view and acknowledge customer feedback. Staff can acknowledge feedback as it comes in, to let colleagues know that someone's working on it.


Localz Manage My Workforce dashboard customer feedback


When a customer submits a negative feedback rating, this triggers a pop-up notification. Users can click on the notification to review the feedback and resolve any issues.



Track My Appointment powers two-way communication between the customer and mobile operative, while Chat My Way loops the contact centre into the conversation. Within the dashboard, contact centre staff can view chat transcripts for each job.


Localz Manage My Workforce dashboard group chat


Where group chat is configured, staff can take part in two-way or multiparty conversations with the customer and operative.



Additional features

The dashboard is highly configurable based on your business needs. You may also use the dashboard to:

  • Manage users and permissions.
  • Create and assign jobs.
  • View and export vehicle inspection and accident reports.
  • View and export proof of delivery (POD) details.
  • Allow users to toggle between operating languages.


Use cases for real-time visibility in the office

Equip contact centre staff with the right information

Real-time notifications and tracking help customers to help themselves. But some situations call for a human conversation.

Increased visibility of jobs and operatives equips advisors to answer queries leading up to an appointment. 

Once a job is completed, real-time feedback allows your team to focus support where it’s needed. 


Get the right message to the right person

With group chat, advisors can join conversations with the customer and their assigned technician. If the operative is driving, or the customer needs help to reschedule, your office-based team can step in.

Customers benefit from faster resolution, and it’s easier for operatives to complete their day’s work.


Speed up feedback resolution

Instantly alert your team when a customer submits negative feedback, so that staff can prioritise service recovery.

HSS Hire uses feedback to identify unhappy customers and resolve issues as soon as possible.


"Feedback is a game-changer for us and provides a wealth of information. Previously, negative feedback would be directed to a sales colleague and escalated over a matter of weeks. Now, customers get a call from a senior manager within thirty minutes, to see what we can learn from the experience."

Michael Alldridge, Operations Director, South West and Wales, HSS Hire


Get started with the management dashboard

The dashboard complements customer engagement tools by giving transparency and insights to office-based staff.

Mobile workforces in housing, property management, asset rental and utilities already benefit from real-time visibility. If you’d like to get started, we’d be happy to answer your questions.


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