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What’s new: Show customers their place in the queue

Keep customers in the loop, even before driver tracking is enabled.

Place in queue ETA tracking for deliveries and field service appointments

When it comes to the last mile of service or parcel delivery, customers expect real-time updates.

We’re used to tracking the driver’s arrival on a map, with a precise ETA based on their location. But it’s not always possible to calculate an ETA based solely on the operative’s whereabouts. 

Think of a business with lots of customers in the same area: a delivery company or housing provider, for example. The driver may be just around the corner, with several more stops to complete before they arrive.

During this window, there’s no need to leave customers guessing. It’s all about providing the information that you can, when it becomes available.

Localz lets you show customers their place in the queue, even before driver tracking is enabled. This approach has significant benefits:

  • Customer experience: Customers can see that their order is progressing, so they feel less anxious. 
  • Reduction in missed appointments and “carded” deliveries: Since customers know that the driver is on their way, they’re more likely to be ready.
  • Increased transparency: You can keep customers in the loop if the driver's sequence changes or is interrupted.
Here’s how it works.


On My Way message

With Localz, customers receive an On My Way message when the mobile operative starts their route. The SMS contains a link to a web-based portal, where the customer can self-serve appointment details and track the operative’s arrival.




Driver is en route

When the driver is still many stops away, the customer sees a map of their own area, but live tracking isn’t shown yet. They can see how many stops are left before them. 

Customers know that the driver is in their area and making progress, but there’s no need to expose the driver’s route or show a precise ETA.




Driver is getting close

When the driver is just a few stops away, the customer sees a map with the driver’s location relative to their own location. They can see how many stops are left before theirs, and a narrow ETA window. 




When the driver is one stop away, Localz lets the customer know that they’re next in the queue, along with a precise ETA.




When the plan changes

It’s important to keep customers in the loop when a stop takes longer than expected, or the sequence changes.

Reassure customers by letting them know that things have changed, but the operative is still on their way.




Highly configurable last-mile ETA tracking

With Localz, you can tailor last-mile communication workflows to suit your business needs and customer journey. To find out more, speak to one of our experts.

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