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What’s new: Group chat brings the contact centre into the conversation

Contact centre staff can view, participate in, and initiate a multiparty conversation with the customer and/or mobile operative.

Localz group chat multiparty conversations for field service operatives, customers and office staff

Two-way chat provides customers and mobile operatives with an easy way to communicate on the day of service. The new Chat My Way release loops the contact centre into the conversation.

Group chat is perfect for businesses that want to:

  • Reduce call-centre volumes by helping customers to get answers.
  • Empower technicians, customers and staff to share knowledge.
  • Improve transparency by keeping communication in one place.

What's new at a glance

New group chat feature: Contact centre staff can view, participate in, and initiate a multiparty conversation with the customer and/or mobile operative.

Chat My Way in the dashboard: It’s easy to view current and historical customer chats within the dashboard.





New group chat feature

Two-way communication already empowers customers to share useful information on the day of service.

With group chat, contact centre staff can communicate with the customer and mobile operative, so a customer's question never goes unanswered.


Why use group chat?

With so much time on the road, mobile workers can’t always reply to customers. And sometimes, the contact centre is better placed to answer a question. That’s where group chat comes in handy. 

If the operative is driving, or the customer needs help to reschedule, your office-based team can step in. Technicians can also message the contact centre directly if they need more information. 

Customers benefit from faster resolution, and it’s easier for operatives to complete their day’s work.


How does group chat work?

Customer experience

Customers receive an SMS or email reminder on the day of their appointment. Messages contain a link to a  web-based customer portal, where customers can track their technician’s arrival and start a conversation.


Mobile operative experience

Field operatives can take part in chats through the mobile operative app

Operatives are notified when the customer or contact centre sends a message, and can reply directly through the app. They can also initiate a group chat, or send a message directly to the contact centre.

If you’re not using the operative app, there’s no need to worry. Chat functionality is now available via Localz’ lightweight app, or through integration with your existing technician app. Whatever works best for your business. 


Contact centre experience

The management dashboard allows staff to view and join in group chats, or to chat directly with an operative. 

Advisors can view current chats in a dedicated sidebar while navigating the dashboard. They can also start a chat by clicking on a driver or job in the map view.






Chat My Way in the dashboard

We’ve made it simple to keep track of service-related chats in the dashboard.


Why bring chat to the dashboard?

Since mobile workers can chat to the contact centre directly,  there's no need to rely on consumer messaging apps (like WhatsApp, for example). This makes it easier to keep business communications in one place.

All chat transcripts are stored and accessible via the dashboard and chats involving customers are stored alongside job details, so the whole process is auditable and transparent.


How does it work?

The dashboard now features a dedicated Chat My Way page. This shows a list of current and historical conversations, and a side menu of current chats in progress. 

At a glance, you can see who took part in each chat, which job it was related to, and when the last message was received.  For each chat in the list, you can view a full transcript as well as a summary of how many messages were sent. 


Getting started with group chat

Here’s how to add group chat to your customer engagement tool kit:

  • Already using Localz? Ask your Customer Success Manager how to get up and running.

  • Partner with Localz? Get in touch to add group chat to your service delivery offering.

  • New to customer engagement? Book a chat with one of our experts to find out how we can help.


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