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What’s new: Faster click and collect handover with customer ETA sharing

We’ve made it easier for customers to share their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) with store staff, ensuring a smooth and speedy handover.

Customer shares their location for faster click and collect handover time

In the last two years, we’ve witnessed a surge in click and collect usage as consumers favoured safety, certainty and convenience. As lockdowns eased, click and collect volumes stayed high, pointing to a change in consumer habits.

With more customers than ever using click and collect - including curbside and drive thru options - it’s vital to provide a fast and scalable experience.

We’ve made it easier for customers to share their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) with store staff, ensuring a smooth and speedy handover. In addition, we’ve streamlined the click and collect store app to help staff find, prioritise and complete orders. 

The latest updates are designed to:

  • Increase visibility so that store staff know when and where handover is required.
  • Deliver a fast handover time, every time.
  • Increase customer certainty that their order has been acknowledged.


What’s new at a glance?

  • Shared customer ETA: In addition to indicating that they’re on their way, customers can opt to share their location. This allows Localz to provide store staff with an accurate ETA for the customer’s arrival. There’s no need for customers to download an app, and store staff cannot see the customer’s location - only their ETA.
  • Streamlined store app: We’ve added new filters, global search features and icons to increase order findability.


Customer ETA sharing

With lots of tasks to focus on, it can be difficult for store staff to prioritise click and collect orders and provide a speedy handover. 

With the latest updates, customers can choose to share their location when they’re on their way to the store. This allows Localz to provide the store with an accurate ETA for the customer’s arrival.

Crucially, there’s no need for customers to download an app - they can do this all through their web browser.

  • The customer receives an SMS notification that their order is ready.
  • The customer opens the link in the SMS and clicks the “On My Way” button.
  • A popup asks the customer if they want to share their location for a faster pickup.
  • The customer is notified that their location is being shared.
  • Store staff receive a notification that the customer is on their way, along with an ETA. They cannot see the customer’s route or exact location.
  • ETAs are colour coded in the store app to indicate urgency.
  • When the customer arrives at the store, they can check in and indicate their pickup location (for example, the number of the parking bay where they’re waiting.)




Streamlining the store app 

In addition to providing customer ETAs, we’ve streamlined the user interface of the store app to make it easier for staff to find, prioritise and complete collection orders.

Global search: App users can now search for an order by order number, customer name, or PIN to speed up handover.


store-app-search-selected (2)


Filtered view: Staff can filter their view by handover location. For instance, a team member at the service desk might choose only to see orders that are being picked up at the service desk. This makes it easier for staff to find and prioritise orders that are relevant to them. 




Icons: Icons tell staff who is collecting the order. For example: a carrier, a regular customer, or a drive up customer.  




Getting started with convenient click and collect 

Already using Localz’ order collection solution? Ask your Customer Success Manager about the latest features.


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