Add and edit team information easily

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Reassuring your customers is easier than ever. In addition to offering "Uberized" real-time tracking and customer engagement, you can now add driver details for an extra layer of transparency.

Mobile worker or driver details can include profile photo, vehicle license plate number, credentials, and more. Enhance your service experience and ensure the person entering the property is the one expected.

Easily add new team members and update existing team member information from the Dashboard.  Here's how.

User details edit 1


Enter the basic information for each team member such as name, email and phone number. 

When you create a user for the first time, you'll need to create a Username and password, which they'll use to log in to mobile apps and the dashboard.

User details avatar


Include a photo of your mobile workers. This is displayed to your customers as they track the arrival of drivers. It's particularly useful for ensuring customers are aware of who is coming to their home.
User details group type


Select the User Type for each team member - this is usually separated into team members out in the field and office based team members. The user type selected affects the access level options (refer below)

If you use Groups to manage what information or locations team members can view, then select the relevant group.

User details preferred location


The Access Level is determined by what you chose in the User Type. Here we've chosen driver, and given the team member access to use the Localz Field Services app.

You'll also need to select a preferred location, and select the locations that the team member will work in.


This release also makes it easier to enter information by giving you better error messages for typos and mis-entered information, and also for what information is required.

user details error message

Details are conveniently available for customer under the "Info" tab of the Customer Portal

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