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What’s new: Service delivery highlights from 2022

In 2022 we deployed a whole range of features to enable a frictionless experience for your customers, add value to the Localz platform and measure the results.

Sparklers celebrating Localz 2022 last-mile tracking software highlights

2022 may have flown by, but we’ve packed the year with some major new features and enhancements.

You told us that you wanted more ways to empower customers, reduce stress on the contact centre, and speed up service recovery. What’s more, you wanted to be able to monitor the impact that last-mile customer engagement was having on your business.

With this in mind, we’ve deployed a whole range of features to enable a frictionless experience for your customers. We’ve also made it easier for you to add value to the Localz platform and measure the results.


What’s new at a glance

Allow customers to confirm, reschedule or cancel

Manage My Appointment, enables customers to confirm, reschedule or cancel their appointment within a browser-based portal.

Customers regain control of their schedule, while contact centre staff have more time for customers who really need a human conversation.




Businesses benefit from:

  • Reduced call-centre volumes, reducing costs and freeing up contact centre staff to talk to customers who need a human conversation.
  • Increased first-time access, as customers can confirm that they’ll be on-site, or choose a more convenient time.
  • Better customer experience as it's easy to confirm or reschedule without the need to make a phone call.

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Group chat brings the contact centre into the conversation

Two-way chat already provides customers and mobile operatives with an easy way to communicate on the day of service. The new Chat My Way release loops the contact centre into the conversation.


group-chat-customer-perspective (2)


Group chat is perfect for businesses that want to:

  • Reduce call-centre volumes by helping customers to get answers.
  • Empower technicians, customers and staff to share knowledge.
  • Improve transparency by keeping communication in one place.

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Show customers their place in the queue

It’s now possible to show customers their place in the last-mile queue, even before driver tracking is enabled. 




This approach has significant benefits:

  • Perfect for businesses with multiple orders in a small geographical area.
  • Better customer experience as customers can see that their order is progressing, so they feel less anxious. 
  • Reduction in missed appointments and “carded” deliveries as customers know that the driver is on their way, they’re more likely to be ready.
  • Increased transparency since you can keep customers in the loop if the driver's sequence changes or is interrupted.

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Accessibility makes life easier for customers

All of your customers should be able to benefit from the useful information that you send them. With this in mind, we’ve been working behind the scenes to improve the UI of the customer portal in line with industry best practice. 

These minor UI updates improve accessibility while guarding the functionality that your customers love.

  • Better use of screen real-estate so there's more space for important information.
  • Easier to read and see what’s important thanks to the background, label and text colours.
  • Increased transparency as the operative photo (where available) is always visible in the Info tab.

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Get data insights in the dashboard

The Localz dashboard provides an intuitive interface to keep track of jobs, operatives, customers and feedback. 

The latest update gives you high level and granular insights into job outcomes, staff engagement, and customer satisfaction. 



Data insights will help your team to:

  • Optimise service delivery using historical insights.
  • Celebrate your team's successes and flag causes for concern.
  • Monitor the ROI of customer engagement.
  • Tailor insights to your business needs and customer journey.

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View and manage feedback in the dashboard

Rate My Experience is a post-appointment feedback tool that closes the loop after service appointments. Real-time customer surveys provide feedback that’s actionable, representative and accurate.

The latest update makes it simple to find and action customer feedback from within the operational dashboard.


rate-my-experience-enhancements (1)


This feature set helps your team to:

  • Find and filter feedback in the dashboard.
  • Make feedback more actionable by indicating whether feedback has been seen or dealt with.
  • Match your brand voice using configurable rating formats such as stars, emojis and numbers.


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Operative Engagement gamifies the mobile worker experience

The Operative Engagement module leverages existing data to help mobile operatives have an awesome day. Field staff can self serve insights about their performance while benefiting from game design techniques that foster self-improvement. 

Operative Engagement works alongside Localz’ customer engagement solutions to help you provide a flawless last-mile experience. 




The solution is perfect for businesses looking to:

  • Motivate mobile operatives to follow business processes such as job completion workflows.
  • Boost morale and keep operatives engaged through feedback, recognition and assistance.
  • Ensure excellent customer service by encouraging operatives to follow processes.
  • Help managers to visualise team and individual alignment with business goals and KPIs.

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Looking forward to 2023

As we move forward into the new year, Localz will continue to champion features that ensure an awesome last mile for your customers and staff.

Localz will continue to lead the way in Customer Empowerment Technology, empowering customers and helping our clients offer a world class experience that also improves operational efficiency,” says Tim Andrew, CEO and Co-founder of Localz.