Pharmacy Deployment Of IBeacons

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Just as medication has evolved and developed over time, as has our use of technology. We are now visiting pharmacies for more needs than ever before, from makeup, to allergy medication and even household cleaning goods, you can find it all in your local pharmacy.

So our interest in bringing iBeacons into pharmacies isn't surprising.

We all receive weekly catalogues in the mail, or through emails, detailing what is on special each week. For as many catalogues that are sent out, how many shoppers does it really result in for individual companies? Targeting people specifically based on needs and wants rather than a general catalogue of ideas for the average shopper is proving itself to be a more effective method of marketing. Through a deployment of iBeacons (in this imagined scenario), Localz will effectively contribute to a progressive shopping experience across all platforms and in its process replace the weekly catalogue, saving the wasteful use of paper.

As a user approaches the pharmacy of their choice, they will receive a notification welcoming them. The weeks most discounted and popular items will be available quickly and with as much or as little detail available as the user wants. Simply unlock the device when the notification is received and instantly the discounted and popular items listed will be shown, by clicking on the item you will receive further information, including reviews and FAQ.

For anyone who is prone to forgetting just what they came into the pharmacy for, the app, which users will access information and notifications from, will also be a storing place for shopping lists. Create a checklist for your next visit and be prompted to access it when arriving in store.

The shopping list won’t be just your average list, it will be smart and recognise your location, to give you an experience unparalleled to any pharmacy before it. Knowing exactly which items you are interested in, the user app will design a path for you around the store, guiding you to each product as you approach it. If you choose not to be guided by a map you can still receive notifications when walking down aisles which will remind you to pick up the packet of vitamins you were looking for.

Pharmacies can become busy during peak hours and weekends so Localz has thought of how to limit wait times for prescription pickups. Use your app to store copies of prescriptions and details of how many repeats you have left. When within beacon range of the pharmacy, in this case a car park attached to the store, a user may open the app to view and order prescriptions before even entering. Firstly, confirm the prescription you are viewing is the correct one, then select ‘pick up now’ and simply have your request sent to the pharmacist. Take your time to make any extra purchases you may need to in store and then receive a notification on your device confirming that your item is ready for collection. Once collected, prescription information will be update on the user app, changing the number of repeats left and the number of times already dispensed. If you have no further repeats left for a common medication, you can opt to have an alert created which will remind you to phone your doctor to create an appointment when you arrive back home.

Loyalty cards have become a common addition to pharmacies and having a central location to access and update all information regarding it is of interest to us here at Localz. On first use of the pharmacy designed app, a user can manually enter details of their loyalty card, including membership number and unique password. Alternatively, and the easier way if you ask our opinion,  a user can simply take a photo of the barcode on the card, which will recognise and update information automatically based on the unique barcode. Once applied to the app, a user can simply show a checkout attendant the device and loyalty points can be automatically added to the card. Use the app to then view exclusive rewards on offer and current reward level.

To create product and brand awareness, specific advertisements and promotions will be offered to users on their device. Recognising products the user frequently buys and items often added to their shopping lists will create direction for the material sent from the app.

Walking down the aisle your favourite item is located on, could prompt a 10% off coupon to be sent to your device, or your second visit to the pharmacy that week might allow for double loyalty card points to be applied. Seasonal offers including discounts to sunscreen during summer or vitamin c tablets during winter will be used to generate greater revenue by reminding and promoting items of interests to customers. Everything available and offered to the user will be generated through the user app and  interact with iBeacons on site.

A deployment of iBeacons at pharmacies will generate an ease of use customer experience with high level rewards. From discounts to up to date information relating to prescriptions, iBeacons are the perfect way to generate revenue, create customer loyalty and stop the printing of unnecessary and unspecific catalogues.


Image Source: Wall-Street.Com