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Knock knock....who’s there? Safeguarding customers and mobile workers

2 minutes read

In these extraordinary times, we are all hyper-aware of who we are interacting with on a day-to-day basis. This awareness is further heightened as the total number of people we see and connect within the real world is radically reduced, while movement is restricted to assist in efforts to #flattenthecurve.

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Wates Living Space introduces innovative new tracking service

2 minutes read

Leading affordable housing maintenance provider, Wates Living Space, has introduced a new repairs and maintenance tracking system for residents, in a move to enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

The Find my Engineer system, developed by Localz, will enable residents to track their operatives estimated time of arrival in real-time, and follow their approach using a live map.

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Why proof of delivery is a game changer in the equipment rental industry

2 minutes read

In today’s digital age, complex proof of delivery workflows are becoming a necessity for heavy equipment rental companies. Not only are you better able to prove your brand promise on the day of service, but you can confidently handle customer discrepancies with ease.

Arm your mobile workforce with customizable proof of completion workflows that:

→ Document equipment condition→ Pinpoint delivery location→ Increase asset utilization

Read on for tips to streamline the last mile.


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How to increase first-time access rates in 2020

4 minutes read

Living in an on-demand economy has consequential effects on standard service appointments. Four hour service windows and little visibility for the end-customer means that when they step out to grab a quick bite to eat, you lose money on a failed appointment.

With failed appointments costing as much as $75, here are ways you can increase your first-time access rates through:

-proactive customer job confirmations-real-time technician tracking en route to a job-two-way communications between...

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DWSS “Uberizes” the day of service

3 minutes read

DW is a leader in responsive repairs and it is vital to keep innovating and updating its services to meet continually rising consumer expectations. Localz technology will be used to enhance its current communications processes, incorporating “Uber-style” tracking capabilities that consumers are starting to demand given their experience from services in other sectors.

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Redesigning products for a better customer experience

5 minutes read

Localz aims to make the day of service awesome. The customer web portal is the main point of interaction between your business and your customers. When an expectant customer receives an SMS stating their technician or delivery is on the way, a quick tap on a link displays real-time information making it easier for customers to view the arrival of their service person and feel in control.

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